Ucas offer email

This is a sample version of the email that UCAS send when you get a reply. You can find out whether you will receive en email by logging into Track, clicking on Main Menu, clicking on "View Whole Application" and checking whether it says "yes" or "no" next to "Receive notification of offers by email".

Dear Mr Man,

The status of your UCAS application has changed and you can view what has changed on the UCAS website www.ucas.com. If you have received a decision for all of your choices then you must reply to your offers.

If you have any queries, please contact the UCAS Customer Service Unit on 087468 0 468. If you are calling from outside the UK and cannot use this number, call 0870 11 222 11. Have your Personal ID ready when you call.

Please do not reply to this email. It has been automatically sent to you. This email was sent at 17:00 on 24/09/2008.