UCAS Track on results day 2019

How to check everything you need once results are out

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Track is typically 'frozen' for the days immediately before the major exam result publication dates (for A-level, SQA and IB) while the results are processed. 

This means that applicants will not be able to change any details on their application during these times. Track records will also not be updated to show any changes. So, if you need to clarify any information or make any changes, you will need to contact UCAS directly.

Universities process the results and confirm their decision (ie confirmed place/unsuccessful) to UCAS electronically. In cases where the outcome is unclear such as when the offer has been missed, but not by much; or results are missing or can't be matched up then the university may not have been able to make a decision and so nothing will go to UCAS at this stage. 

If your Track still shows 'conditional' then it is the universities that you will need to contact first, not UCAS. The decisions made by the universities are uploaded onto UCAS's system by the universities. Once this is received by UCAS they upload on to Track in time for results day or as soon as they receive it. This is why Track is frozen in the few days beforehand.

UCAS and the universities only receive AS and A-level grades and AS and A-level module grades. They do not receive any details of UMS marks.

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When will Track open again?

UCAS Track opens from 9am on SQA results day on 6 August 2019 and will then become available for A-level students from around 8am on results day - 15 August 2019. 

In previous years it has opened a little earlier (ie by 15 minutes or so) but it may also be later. 

Once the Track site comes back online, your page won't change until midday (at the earliest). If you haven't met your offer and Track hasn't updated then you will need to call the universities directly to see if they will still accept you. 

If you have made your offer but it still hasn't updated then you can relax, you made it! The page will update in the next few days. If your Track page hasn't updated within two days it is worth phoning the university to make sure everything is OK.

What will Track show me?

Assuming that your universities have made a decision in your case and have sent this on to UCAS, Track can only show you if you have been accepted by your firm or insurance choice. Track will not show you your grades.

If your Track shows no change, the main reasons for this will be:

  • Your firm and insurance universities haven't got around to your application yet or haven't yet told UCAS of their decision.
  • Some of your results are missing and/or cannot be matched up with your UCAS application details.
  • You have missed your offer(s) and the universities concerned have not reached a decision (or they have but have not passed it on to UCAS yet)

In either case, you will need to be ready to contact the universities directly once you have your results to hand, if you have not met your offer. See also our guide to A-Level results day.

Don't forget that if your offer is also conditional upon a GCSE grade your Track will not update until GCSE results day on 22 August. Remember too that you need to send the GCSE result(s) direct to the unis as soon as possible; UCAS won't do this for you.

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What words will Track use?

On your choices page, the "decision" column will change. Since you have already chosen your firm and insurance, your Track choices page should reflect this.

  • If one offer changes to Unconditional [UF or UI], this means you have gained a place there.
    • If this is your firm choice, your insurance might not have updated to "unconditional" as well. Since you will not be going to your insurance, because you have been accepted by your firm choice, this doesn't matter.
    • If this is your insurance, and your firm has updated to "unsuccessful", this means that you have missed your firm offer and they are unable to take you. However, you have a place at your insurance.
    • If this is your insurance, and your firm is still showing "conditional", either your firm has been slow in confirming your place or they are still deciding about you. In this case, you will need to get your results and contact the uni concerned as soon as possible.
  • If both your firm and insurance have updated to Unsuccessful then you have missed your offers for both and have not been accepted at either. This will mean you are entered into Clearing. Your Track page will be updated to show that you are eligible for Clearing and will show your Clearing number which you will need to give to any uni you contact about a Clearing Place.
  • If a choice updates to UCC (Unconditional Changed Course), you have missed the required grades for your offer, but your university is offering you a place on a similar course with different requirements, or are offering a different start date (i.e. deferred entry). You do not have to accept this alternative, but you have five days to make your decision, and may wish to contact the university direct to discuss it.

You can find more information about what to do in our guide to A-Level results day.

Should I check Track before I collect my results?

Whether you decide to check Track before collecting your results is up to you. It may help to decide in advance what you want to do, bearing in mind the possible outcomes:

  • You may find out early whether you have a confirmed place at your firm, (even though this doesn't necessarily mean that you got your grades).
  • You might have missed out on your firm but got into your insurance, or have got in to your firm but for a different course (you don't have to accept this alternative, though).
  • Perhaps the most frustrating option is that you find nothing has changed or only your insurance offer has been updated. This leaves you in 'no man's land' until you can get hold of your results and start ringing unis to find out why your place hasn't been confirmed.
  • Finally, you might have been unsuccessful for both choices, so that you are now in Clearing.

What results do universities receive?

UCAS forwards results it receives from the exam boards for the following qualifications to the universities over the weekend before results day. You can see the full list of these on the UCAS site under 'exam results we receive'.

If your qualifications are not on this list, then you'll need to personally inform your university of your result when you receive it.

If the results from the exam boards can't be reconciled with what's on your UCAS application it can cause delays in establishing whether or not you have met your offer/s and confirming your place, e.g. if the name on your exam entry and on your UCAS do not match exactly.

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