UCAS Track: Tracking and replying to offers

Once UCAS have processed your application they will send you a welcome email. You'll recieve a personal ID number which you use to access Track. To login you can use the same password as Apply (the one you registered with.) 
If you ever have trouble logging in to Track you can request both of these things through the trouble logging in link below the ID and password boxes. 

Your personalised homepage on Track

  • This summarises the status of your applications
  • Provides instructions on what to do next
  • Lists your choices and their status
  • Provides you with a list of frequently asked questions

What can you use Track for? 

  • Viewing the decisions made by the universities you've applied to
  • Finding out whether you have been invited to an interview
  • Reply to your offers
  • Change your personal details
  • View your application
  • See whether your firm offer has changed to unconditional firm (UF) on results day
  • Withdrawing your whole application


UCAS university application deadline - what you need to do and when

What happens if I no longer want to apply to one of the unis I've applied to?
You can withdraw one of your choices and substitute with another if it is within seven days of making your original application. If you have passed this deadline you can still withdraw a choice, but only if a university hasn't responded to your application i.e. provided you with an offer. 

You can both withdraw and change your application on Track. 

How long will it take for the universities to reply? 
That depends entirely on the universities and courses that you have selected. Use University Connect or speak to other applicants in one of our uni forums to see if anyone else as received an offer. If you applied by 15 January, UCAS ask the universities and colleges to make their decisions by the end of March. The latest you will receive a decision is early May. 
If you applied after 15 January, universities colleges do not have to make a decision until July.

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Accepting Your Offers

Once you have received decisions for all of your applications, an alert will be displayed on your UCAS Track page, advising you to reply to your offers.

You now have two choices to make: to select a firm and insurance university. 

Remember that offer grades and what a university is actually willing to accept are very different things. Always pick an insurance choice based on where you would be happy to go and not on which offer has the second lowest grades.

If you are accepting an unconditional offer, you cannot accept an insurance offer.

If you wish to accept an offer without having received decisions on all your applications, you can withdraw the applications which have yet to be decided upon. 

Once you have withdrawn from these unis you can't reapply so make sure you do consider this seriously.

What to do next 
Understanding conditional offers 
Making your firm and insurance choices 
UCAS Track on results day