UCAS university application deadline calendar - what you need to do and when

If you're applying to university through UCAS this year it's important you keep on top of things. We've listed the key dates you need to know about and what you need to do, a long with all the helpful resources available on TSR. 


15 October: UCAS deadline for Oxbridge and most medicine, veterinary and dentistry courses.


It's important that you let your teachers know well in advance if you think you'll be applying for one of these courses and/or universities as they'll need to prepare your reference early. 

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15 January: UCAS deadline for most undergraduate course applications

Make sure you've got everything organised before the 15th - you don't want to be caught short by a computer failure or another unforeseen circumstance. 

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5 February: UCAS extra opens. If you don't receive offers, don't worry, you'll still be able to apply through UCAS extra. 

From 4th May: deadlines to decide offers

Your deadline will change depending on when you receive all your offers - this can be a little confusing but our handy table below should help you work it out. 
When to replyThis is one time where it's okay to wait before you make a decision. You want to make sure you're certain about your firm and insurance choice universities so you don't have any regrets on results day. Whilst it's possible to change your mind later on and apply through Clearing, this is a risky strategy and you'll be a lot less stressed if you make the right choices now. 

Universities may offer your bonuses or other offers for making them your firm choice - if they're where you wanted to go then that's great, but otherwise make sure that you chose places you've got your heart set on. 

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5 May: Deadline for university to make their decisions

Hopefully you've made good university choices and now have at least one offer in hand. Congratulations! It's time to focus on your exams and making sure you get your grades. 

If you've not received any offers then don't panic - you'll still be able to apply through UCAS extra (see below). 

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30 June: applications after this date are put in clearing

If you've only just decided you want to go to university then don't worry it's not too late, you can still apply through clearing. 

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5 July: deadline to apply through extra

If you've not received any offers or you've changed your mind you'll be able to apply through Extra. This runs all the way through to July, so don't rush in to making any decisions. 

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5 July IB results
9 August - SQA results
18 August - A-level results

If you're worried about your results it's best to start getting prepared for clearing in advance. Do some research in to the universities you're interested and make a list of courses and contact numbers which you can call on the day. 

If you've changed your mind about your uni you can go into clearing. 

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31 August: UCAS deadline for remaining conditions

f you're getting remarks or waiting on other qualifications then you'll need to make sure this gets to the university by the 31st August.