Why excellent GCSE grades could get you an unconditional offer

You might be wondering how you can get your hands on an unconditional offer from your preferred uni? 

We asked three universities what motivates them to offer applicants these kinds of offers. 


How can I increase my chances of receiving an unconditional offer?

Nail your GCSEs 
If you have an awesome academic track record, then this should set you up nicely. Excellent GCSE grades are a great place to start, says Sue Gemmill, assistant director, applicant and admission services, Royal Holloway, University of London

Take your A-level mocks seriously
As AS-levels continue to be phased out, your A-level mocks are going to influence your predicted grades which you need for your university application. Universities will always check these out before deciding on whether they think making an offer is suitable. 

Will my personal statement make much difference?
Universities who make unconditional offers will look at your whole application – your personal statement, GCSE grades (or equivalent qualifications) as well as your predicted grades and teacher reference. Make sure you create a personal statement which demonstrates that you have a passion for your chosen course of study and a broad range of interests and skills, says Alison Wilde, admissions manager, Nottingham Trent University

How to write a personal statement in 10 easy steps.

I’ve heard some students receive a conditional offer with the option of it being unconditional if they accept it as their firm choice 
Over the last couple of years this has become more popular. In order for a conditional offer to be made unconditional ahead of both taking and receiving exam results, the university will request that you make them your firm choice. If this particular university is your favourite, then you’re all set and you’ll probably be a lot less stressed come results day. 


If this uni isn’t in your ideal top two then receiving this kind of offer might influence you to take the easy route and opt for this uni instead or at least feel the pressure too. For more advice on what to do, check out our expert advice on what to do if you get an unconditional offer

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I’m worried that if I do get an unconditional offer I won’t bother revising 
It’s natural to feel a little less motivated when it comes to revising knowing that you’re all set for uni, but remember exam grades aren’t just used to get into uni. Miss your grades and you will still have your unconditional offer but poor grades may still have a negative impact on your future employment prospects advises Gemmill, so reconsider taking things easy. 

Some unis now offer incentives to unconditional offer holders. Sheila Dowling, head of admissions at the University of Hull told us that they offer scholarships to help them focus. "We know that schools, colleges and parents worry that an unconditional offer may make a student take their foot off the pedal". You can find out about Merit Scholarships and Achievement Scholarships here 


For more information on what to do if you get an unconditional offer, read our super advice making your firm and insurance university choices and make sure you read the comments, there is some really helpful experience in there.


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