Ancient studies applicants stalking page 2014

Ancient Studies

This page is to be used for the sharing of information about students applying for Any 'Ancient Studies' Degree ( Classics, Classical studies, Ancient World, Ancient languages, Ancient History, Egyptology, Ancient Civilisation, Latin, Ancient Greek, Hebrew: whatever floats your trireme;) in the 2014 UCAS cycle. Enter as much information as you would like to, but do not alter or delete information entered by other users without their permission.


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Acronym for University RepliesMeaning

(-)Yet to apply/No reply

(I)Interview required

(CO)Conditional Offer

(UO)Unconditional Offer


(W)Application Withdrawn


TSR UsernameGCSE grades 
or equiv.AS/A-level SubjectsAS grades
 or equiv.A-level Predictions
 or equiv.Choice 1& courseChoice 2 & courseChoice 3 & courseChoice 4 & courseChoice 5 & courseFirm (Offer)Insurance (Offer)

Graziana4A*s 4As 1B 1CLaw, Classics, English Lit., (AS Psychology, Critical Thinking)ABBBCAAB (Achieved)St. Andrews VV14 (-)UCL Q805 (-)Durham VQ48 (UO)KCL Q806 (-)Exeter VVC4 (-)--