Are you a natural entrepreneur?

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Find out how you could unleash your inner business boss

Whether it's old fashion graft or a flair for the creative, take our quiz and discover what kind of entrepreneur you'd be.

How you can nurture your inner entrepreneur

First, don’t forget to feed them. Espresso and tension will only get you so far. Then explore these tips from our friends at Warwick Business School…

Know where you’re going

As you'll have seen from the quiz, successful entrepreneurs share a few key attributes - even the ones on our extremely scientific survey above - so ponder them and set out to cultivate them. They include showing initiative, being a self-starter (i.e. getting things going without waiting for someone else), looking constantly to the future and developing persistence.

Remember that you can learn

Not there yet? Don’t worry about it. Research has shown that entrepreneurial thinking can actually be developed - your brain can learn to adopt the right mindset. 

For example, business schools can help you in a couple of important ways, according to Mona Mensmann, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at WBS. 

“They can provide students with the basic tools needed to acquire entrepreneurial skills. If they allow students to take entrepreneurial action, they can prepare them for recognising and seizing entrepreneurial opportunities. That is what we try to do here at WBS.”

They’ll also give you a safe space to try and - as importantly - fail at entrepreneuring (actually, that might not be a word). 

“Entrepreneurship cannot be learned by simply studying books, so first of all come up with business ideas and test them on a small scale. Embrace any errors that you may make in the process and learn from them,” Mona adds.

Learn from the folks who went before

Contrary to what you might think, entrepreneurs are usually happy to help people just starting out. They’ve been there, they know what it’s like, and they can enlighten you.

Mona’s tips include learning from feedback, starting small, and focusing on what customers need, not what you want to do. And remember who the boss is. “Keep in mind that it’s you who’s in charge of your entrepreneurial success.” 

Don’t feel you have to do it all alone, though. “Create a support network and remember to ask for help when you are unsure of something,” says WBS grad Alex Balderstone. Undergrad student Alexis D’armau de Bernede agrees, adding that passion matters. “Don’t be afraid to collaborate with someone, don’t be afraid to undertake ventures you believe in, and do what you love.”

Finally, look after your business’ most essential asset: you. “Keep trying, and take care of yourself,” counsels WBS MSc grad Aardra Chandra Mouli. “You’re the fuel that burns to power your enterprise.” 

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