What can you do with a postgraduate business degree?

Thinking of continuing your studies? Here’s where a business postgrad might take you...

The right postgraduate business degree can help you launch your career...or take an existing career to the next level. 

We spoke to a careers advisor and a former student from Warwick Business School (WBS) to find out more about what you should expect from a postgrad business degree.

Build on your first degree

When you've done the undergrad thing and are looking for some next-level skills, a business Master's could be just the thing to build on your existing knowledge. 

You might have your eye on a leadership role, for example, where you’re going to rely on a broad range of knowledge. In that case, a general course such as an MSc in management will help give you the perspective you need.

It’s an option that’s also relevant if your undergraduate degree was in a different field.

“For students who haven’t studied business before, a generalist postgraduate business course will give them the foundations of business knowledge to help them to identify which area of business interests them most,” says Alison Collins, careers manager at WBS. 

“Students on the generalist courses are typically targeting management roles in which an understanding of a wide range of business areas – which they will gain from a generalist degree - is essential.

Alternatively, you may be looking at a career path that focuses on a specific area, in which case specialist programmes such as financial maths or business analytics could be the right choice.

“A specialist postgraduate course will enable students to specialise and deepen their knowledge and technical skills in their chosen area,” says Alison.

“Students on the specialist courses are usually extremely focused on particular career areas and have chosen these courses to help them achieve that.” 

business leader

Start your own business

For entrepreneurs, a business postgrad can help with essential skills, knowledge and contacts. Sophie Thompson knows all about it – she studied for a MSc International Business at WBS and went on to launch virtual reality training company VirtualSpeech

The skills she learned on her degree course enabled her to successfully launch her company, and then focus it on a global market. 

“The MSc International Business gave me a global view of how businesses operate and how technology plays a fundamental part in their daily operation, growth and future planning,” says Sophie. 

“This helped us to view what we do on a more global scale. We realised that what we were offering wasn’t limited to individual consumers based in specific countries, and that there would likely be a significant demand for VR training in the B2B market.”

Get skills that will help you for the rest of your life

With a business degree under your belt you'll have a good understanding of business and management theory, as well as knowing what that all means in today's workplaces. 

You'll be comfortable working with all kinds of businesses, and you’ll be able to take in lots of information and react to complex situations. Crucially, you’ll also have developed the ability to do these things while still managing your own time and priorities. 

“The main thing the MSc International Business taught me that helped start my own business was a level of self-belief and risk taking,” says Sophie.

Meet people to do business with

On a good postgrad business course, it’s not just about getting your head down to get work done. You and your fellow students will be supported to help each other develop. That’s what Sophie experienced during her time at WBS.

“Everyone was supported and believed in as capable across educational backgrounds, cultural beliefs, and gender,” she says.

“Studying with so many like-minded, motivated people helped to create a strong ‘can do’ attitude, where working together, trying and failing was better than not trying at all.”

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