Ordinary degrees in engineering

  • Ordinary degrees in engineering

I see there has already been a post about this subject, but I wanting to ask the student room something.

I went to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. In September 2003 I started my degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, a degree that required 4 Scottish higher As plus English to get into, which is what I got.

I managed the first 3 years ok and finished the third year of my course in May 2006. For some reason, I had problems getting past my 4th and honours year of University. It was only recently that in academic session 2009/2010 I completed my fourth year and graduated with a 2:1 honours degree. A degree good enough to do any postgraduate course I wish.

My question is, when I look back at it, is that it has taken me four years to complete honours year university of my degree, which most people could have done in one. Would I have been better off leaving Strathclyde University in July 2006 with my BEng ordinary degree and left for the world of industry instead of waiting till November 2010 for me to graduate with my 2:1 BEng honours? Is it really worth all that just to go the extra mile?

And for the record I am now doing an MSc postgraduate course in Electrical Power Engineering with Business to do my masters and complete the 5 years of University, which is asked for of Scottish engineers.

Not sure this is the best place for this but in answer I'd say you're worth getting your honours. I did the same course at edinburgh and finnished without the hounours year. Havnt found a job yet and that was over two years ago, there's not much openings unless you have experience or at least a 2.2 honours degree it seems.