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Become a chartered accountant, opportunity, variety and success in your career.

Do you dream of being one of the most important people in a organisation and the one who makes a real impact? As a chartered accountant you could be the one who makes all the strategic business decisions, from planning next years’ budget, to decisions on the buy out of a competitor brand or even the decision to fund the development of a new and innovative product. Chartered accountancy is one of the most diverse, exciting and secure careers, offering a wide range of opportunities across all business sectors. The ACA qualification from ICAEW gives you the opportunity to learn while in full-time employment, combining business and professional experience, study and exams. It is a challenging qualification which will start you on a successful and exciting career path. ICAEW are a world leader of the accountancy and finance profession.



Are you an undergraduate or graduate interested in a successful career? If so the ACA could be the right qualification for you. There are thousands of training agreements for the ACA available to graduates every year. Our authorised employers range from large accountancy firms and corporate organisations through to small firms on the high street. Employers have their own entry criteria, but generally they will be looking for students who have achieved a first or a 2:1 in their degree.

It doesn’t matter what subject you have taken at university either, our employers are happy to take students from any degree background.

As for the salary, well that depends on the size, type and location of the organisation you work for. Typically, you can expect a starting salary of between £18,000– £28,000 per year. As a graduate your training agreement will last around three years and some students can expect to double their salary during this time.

AAT-ACA Fast Track


If you have decided that university isn’t for you or you don’t make it, then there are other routes to the ACA. One of the most popular non-graduate routes to the ACA is the AAT-ACA Fast Track.

You can start the AAT after your A-levels and study for it as an apprenticeship or as a full-time course at your local college. It takes around two years to complete the AAT and once finished you can start the ACA.

If you have been employed by one of our authorised employers during your AAT, you can count up to one year of work experience towards your ACA training agreement. Also, if you have chosen the particular AAT modules you may be able to claim credit for up to 5 of the ACA exams. With a shorter training agreement and less exams, you could be a fully qualified chartered accountant in as little as four years!

Your starting salary as an AAT trainee will be less than a graduate but by the time you qualify you will be on the same.

Certificate in Finance Accounting and Business


The Certificate in Finance Accounting and Business (CFAB) is a great way to start the ACA.

CFAB comprises of the same six computer based assessments as the knowledge level of the ACA. The study options are flexible; you can either choose structured tuition or self-study, which means you can fit study in at times to suit you. You don’t need to be in employment either, so it’s an ideal way to get started on the ACA whilst you’re looking for a training agreement or before you get your A-level results.

So, what’s your next step going to be?


Now you know about the entry routes to the ACA you can start to plan your next step to becoming a chartered accountant.

Start off by visiting our website icaew.com/careers to find out more about the career and once you decided it’s for you, visit Training Vacancies website for help with your CV, useful interview tips and most importantly to see what training opportunities are available!

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