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Law Personal Statement

When most people think of law it would generally be a subject from which they would shy away, considering it to be confusing, difficult and often boring, Failing to understand that they are living in a world where everything is linked to law. A misconception would be that law is just to do with courts and criminals, when that is just a mere glimpse of the bigger picture. From a young age I have always argued that there is never one straight answer. Whether it be with teachers, parents or peers, I would always be ready to put my view across challenging the received wisdom.

Captivated by the legal system, I dived straight in at the first opportunity, starting with a two week work placement at a civil law firm where I learnt to handle client affairs and organise the necessary paperwork to support the in-house solicitors. Wanting to increase my knowledge and experience further, I succeeded in attaining a summer job with the CPS, showing dedication and commitment. Taking full advantage of this opportunity I maximised my time by shadowing solicitors through the offices to Magistrates and Crown Courts learning court procedures from the inside. Whilst in the office I learnt how court bundles were created, what information they consisted of and their importance.

It was an honour to lead my Young Enterprise team through a variety of tasks that involved customer services. Managing the group of seven has led to an increase in my time-management, organization and team work skills as group meetings and activities had to be arranged at suitable times for all members. In some ways this is mirroring a Solicitor managing their firm or workload. Attending debate clubs for year 12’s has also been a pleasure as they consisted of thought provoking and controversial topics for all to ponder much like debates that take place in courts between plaintiff and defence.

Along with academic activities, I also take part in charity events dedicated to helping those in need. Some ways that I have accomplished this is by taking part in Sport Reliefs Run A Mile, raising money for youths nationally and internationally. Prior to this, my peers and I took part in a sponsored skipping, raising over 250 pounds for British Heart Foundation.

My AS level subjects consist of Law, Maths, Psychology and Economics, this diverse combination illustrates my interest in a mixture of areas. Having enjoyed Maths from a very early age, continuing this for A levels was a choice based on enjoyment rather than academic priorities. Understanding human thought process was a large part of my Psychology course demonstrating cognitive and behavioural approaches to human actions. Law enhanced my knowledge of the English legal system, but it was when I started contract law that it confirmed Law to be the degree course for me as my interest never falters.

During my AS exams I was invited to work at a local law firm, at which I had previously completely two weeks work experience in 2009. I started my work placement in the summer, working through the holidays. Part of my responsibilities involved ensuring that the paperwork was complete in accordance with solicitors’ diary commitments, when attending court or meeting clients. This taught me that attention to detail is crucial especially when creating 'bundles' for court appearances as all bundles must be identical and indexed to ensure a smooth and efficient legislature process. Also I started to appreciate the confidential nature and importance of this area of work and that efficiency is key as the client relationship is very important.

I believe I will be best suited to university life as I am a sociable and determined individual who can keep a balance with academic and social priorities as has been proved above. As a university you will gain a well-rounded pupil dedicated to performing to the best of her abilities. Attending university would provide me with the platform to better myself and to continue expanding my knowledge.


Universities Applied to:

  • City University London (Law LLB) - Offer (380 Points) Firm
  • West London University (Law LLB) - Offer (300 Points)
  • Greenwich University (Law LLB) - Offer (300 Points) Insurance
  • Kings University London (Law LLB) - Rejection (380 Points)
  • University College London (Law LLB) - Rejection (380 Points)


Grades Achieved:

  • Law (A2) - B
  • Maths (A2) - C
  • Psychology (A2) - C
  • Economics (AS) - C
  • LNAT Score - 17



The LNAT is very important for places like UCL

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