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This page contains reading material to be used in preparing interviews to study medicine for 2012 entry. 
It is worth noting that the information presented on this page is volunteered by the individuals in order to help both current and future applicants.


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Article name   Date (dd mmm yyyy)   Newspaper   Category    NDM-1 superbug enzyme's 'photofit' taken 06 Sep 2011 BBC News Pathology Bacteria Living in Soil May Kill Cancer 07 Sep 2011 Medical Breakthroughs Pathology Enzyme Battles Addiction? 19 Sep 2011 Medical Breakthroughs Enzymes Lasers: The Key to Regenerating Neurons? 22 Sep 2011 Medical Breakthroughs Technology Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: 'Surrounded by uncertainty 24 Sep 2011 BBC News Diseases Death plea case rejected by judge 28 Sep 2011 BBC News Health care Lords debating NHS shake-up bill 06 Oct 2011 BBC News Health care Gene therapy and stem cells unite 13 Oct 2011 BBC News Stem Cells Brain cancer 'trojan attack' hope 18 Nov 2011 BBC News Cancer Malaria vaccine trial raises hope 18 Nov 2011 BBC News Vaccines Hospital patients 'more likely to die at weekends' 28 Nov 2011 BBC News Health care Alzheimer's: Deep brain stimulation 'reverses' disease 28 Nov 2011 BBC News Mental Health World's First Artificial Trachea Transplant 01 Dec 2011 Medical Breakthroughs Stem Cells Strikes: NHS hospitals 'prioritising urgent patients' 01 Dec 2011 BBC News Health care Coffee shop caffeine levels 'vary widely' 01 Dec 2011 BBC News Health care Photodynamic therapy helps Connah Broom's cancer fight 01 Dec 2011 BBC News Cancer What it is like the live with HIV 01 Dec 2011 BBC News Diseases Who, What, Why: How do you assess a killer's mental health? 01 Dec 2011 BBC News Mental Health CQC failed to offer value for money, says report 02 Dec 2011 BBC News Health care Peeking into the brain's filing system 05 July 2015 BBC News Neurology Deafness could be treated by virus, say scientists 09 July 2015 BBC News Stem Cells Cheap vaccines prevent cholera 09 July 2015 BBC News Diseases