Medical school entry requirements for scottish students

Medical SchoolStandard Higher requirements (S5)S6 requirementsRequired subjectsSG/Int 2 requirementsOther

AberdeenAAAABThree full academic subjects in S6 is preferredChemistry with 2 of Bio/Maths/Phys.Grade 3 in English & Maths required. Biology & Physics recommended. A combination of credit passes is expected across your SG subjects.Wide range of grades acceptable,depending on circumstances.

Human bio may replace bio

Barts and The London5 subjects must be studied. AAA required in 3 subjects not taken to AH. Scottish Highers alone not acceptableAA at AH in two subjects studied at Higher level in S5Chemistry and/or Biology at AH. Biology must be taken at Higher if not taken to AH.English at grade 2 or higher required.N/A

BirminghamAAAAAAAB at AHChemistry, Biology, Maths and English required at Higher. Chemistry and Biology required at AH.N/AN/A

Brighton and Sussex Medical SchoolN/A3 AH or 2AH+2HChemistry and Biology at AH, AA grades requiredN/AStandard offer conditional upon achieving 370 UCAS points across 18 units

BristolAAAAAAA at AHChemistry + 1 of Biology/Phys at Higher. Chemistry + 1 of Biology/Phys at AH.N/AN/A

CambridgeN/AAAA at AHChemistry + 2 of Bio/Maths/Phys at AHN/A2 AHs + an additional Higher acceptable if student is unable to study 3 AHs for reasons outside of their control.

6 year course.

CardiffAAAABAA at AHChemistry, Biology, Physics and English required at HigherN/AApplicants offering only AAAAB at Higher may apply for A104.

DundeeAAABBAt least 2AH + 1 new H. to be completed.Chemistry + another science in 5th yearBiology to at least SGAAAAC can be considered if C is not Higher Chemistry.

DurhamAAAAANone statedChemistry and/or Biology at HigherN/AN/A

AAAAA at Higher Grade including Chemistry and/or Biology. Minimum of five passes at grade 2 Standard Grade (or Intermediate 2) required.

East AngliaB in a 4th Higher (in addition to the AH req.)AAA at AHBiology + 1 of Chem/PhysN/AN/A

EdinburghAAAABAt least 2 AH subjects recommended. Biology and Chemistry are the most relevant.Chemistry + 2 of Bio/Maths/Phys at HigherCredit or Int 2 B in Biology, Chemistry, English and MathsMissing subjects may be taken in S6.


GlasgowAAAAA or AAAABBAB at AHChemistry and Biology + 1 of Phys/MathsInt 2 English or SG Grade 2 EnglishMissing subjects may be crashed in S6. Human biology and biology are considered equivalent.

Hull York Medical SchoolAAAABAA at AH + A in an additional H.AA at Higher Biology and Chemistry required. Chemistry and Biology required to AHN/AN/A

ImperialAAABBAAA at AHBiology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and English required at Higher. Biology and Chemistry at AH.N/A6 year course.

KeeleN/AFour subjects to Higher/Advanced Higher required at AAAB2 of Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Maths at AH. Chemistry required at Higher grade B minimum.Int 2 B/SG 2 for English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 4 subjects at Int 2 A/SG 1 required.Any science not offered at Higher/AH must be offered at Int 2/SG.

King's College LondonAAAABAA at AHBiology and Chemistry at AH grade A, or one at AH grade A and the other at Higher grade A.English and Maths at SG 2 or Int 2 BN/A

LancasterAAAABAA at AHBiology and Chemistry to AH and Higher grades AA7 subjects at credit grade or Int 2 A-B minimum. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English required.N/

LeedsAAAABAB at AHHigher Biology required. AH Chemistry at grade A required.N/AN/A

LeicesterN/AAAA at AHBiology and Chemistry to AHN/AHighers alone not sufficient for entry.

LiverpoolAAAABAA at AHBiology and Chemistry at Higher grade AA. Biology and Chemistry at AH grade AA.SG credit/Int 2 A-B Bio, Chem, Physics, English, Maths and 2 other subjects.Advanced Higher resits accepted; applicants must acknowledge need to resit in their PS.

ManchesterN/AAAA at AHChemistry + 1 of Bio/Maths/Phys at AH.N/AN/A

NewcastleAAAAAN/AChemistry and/or BiologyN/AN/A

NottinghamN/AAAB at AHAA in Biology and Chemistry AH required.Minimum of six grade 1s, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and grade 2 in Maths and English.Grade A in Higher Physics can make up for a 2 at SG.

OxfordAAAAAAA at AHChemistry at AH. 1 of Biology/Maths/Physics at Higher.Biology, Physics and Maths to Int 2 C/SG credit minimum if not offered at a higher level.One AH acceptable.

6 year course.

PlymouthN/AAAA at AHChemistry + 1 of Biology/Physics at AH. Biology to Higher grade C if not offered at AH.N/AN/A

Queen's BelfastAAABBAA-AAA at AHAH Chemistry required. Higher Biology required if not taken to AH.SG Maths & PhysicsAAA at AH required if AAAAA not achieved in S5.

SheffieldAAAABAAChemistry + another science required at AH grade AAN/AN/A


St. AndrewsAAAABAH Chemistry and Biology recommended, but other subject combinations not disadvantaged.Chemistry (A grade) + 1 of Biology/Maths/Physics at Higher.SG credit/Int 2 B English. Biology and Maths at SG credit/Int 2 B if not offered at Higher.Applicants may take missing science subjects in S6 if not taken in S5. Higher ESOL is not an accepted qualification.

6 year course.

St GeorgesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

UCLNot accepted alone.AAA at AHChemistry and Biology at AH required.English and Maths to SG credit/Int 2 B.Combination of Highers and Advanced Highers in S6 not acceptable.