Medical school entry requirements for scottish students

Medical School Standard Higher requirements (S5) S6 requirements Required subjects SG/Int 2 requirements Other
Aberdeen AAAAB Three full academic subjects in S6 is preferred Chemistry with 2 of Bio/Maths/Phys. Grade 3 in English & Maths required. Biology & Physics recommended. A combination of credit passes is expected across your SG subjects. Wide range of grades acceptable,depending on circumstances.

Human bio may replace bio

Barts and The London 5 subjects must be studied. AAA required in 3 subjects not taken to AH. Scottish Highers alone not acceptable AA at AH in two subjects studied at Higher level in S5 Chemistry and/or Biology at AH. Biology must be taken at Higher if not taken to AH. English at grade 2 or higher required. N/A
Birmingham AAAAA AAB at AH Chemistry, Biology, Maths and English required at Higher. Chemistry and Biology required at AH. N/A N/A
Brighton and Sussex Medical School N/A 3 AH or 2AH+2H Chemistry and Biology at AH, AA grades required N/A Standard offer conditional upon achieving 370 UCAS points across 18 units
Bristol AAAAA AA at AH Chemistry + 1 of Biology/Phys at Higher. Chemistry + 1 of Biology/Phys at AH. N/A N/A
Cambridge N/A AAA at AH Chemistry + 2 of Bio/Maths/Phys at AH N/A 2 AHs + an additional Higher acceptable if student is unable to study 3 AHs for reasons outside of their control.

6 year course.

Cardiff AAAAB AA at AH Chemistry, Biology, Physics and English required at Higher N/A Applicants offering only AAAAB at Higher may apply for A104.
Dundee AAABB At least 2AH + 1 new H. to be completed. Chemistry + another science in 5th year Biology to at least SG AAAAC can be considered if C is not Higher Chemistry.
Durham AAAAA None stated Chemistry and/or Biology at Higher N/A N/A

AAAAA at Higher Grade including Chemistry and/or Biology. Minimum of five passes at grade 2 Standard Grade (or Intermediate 2) required.

East Anglia B in a 4th Higher (in addition to the AH req.) AAA at AH Biology + 1 of Chem/Phys N/A N/A
Edinburgh AAAAB At least 2 AH subjects recommended. Biology and Chemistry are the most relevant. Chemistry + 2 of Bio/Maths/Phys at Higher Credit or Int 2 B in Biology, Chemistry, English and Maths Missing subjects may be taken in S6.
Exeter N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Glasgow AAAAA or AAAABB AB at AH Chemistry and Biology + 1 of Phys/Maths Int 2 English or SG Grade 2 English Missing subjects may be crashed in S6. Human biology and biology are considered equivalent.
Hull York Medical School AAAAB AA at AH + A in an additional H. AA at Higher Biology and Chemistry required. Chemistry and Biology required to AH N/A N/A
Imperial AAABB AAA at AH Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and English required at Higher. Biology and Chemistry at AH. N/A 6 year course.
Keele N/A Four subjects to Higher/Advanced Higher required at AAAB 2 of Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Maths at AH. Chemistry required at Higher grade B minimum. Int 2 B/SG 2 for English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 4 subjects at Int 2 A/SG 1 required. Any science not offered at Higher/AH must be offered at Int 2/SG.
King's College London AAAAB AA at AH Biology and Chemistry at AH grade A, or one at AH grade A and the other at Higher grade A. English and Maths at SG 2 or Int 2 B N/A
Lancaster AAAAB AA at AH Biology and Chemistry to AH and Higher grades AA 7 subjects at credit grade or Int 2 A-B minimum. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English required. N/
Leeds AAAAB AB at AH Higher Biology required. AH Chemistry at grade A required. N/A N/A
Leicester N/A AAA at AH Biology and Chemistry to AH N/A Highers alone not sufficient for entry.
Liverpool AAAAB AA at AH Biology and Chemistry at Higher grade AA. Biology and Chemistry at AH grade AA. SG credit/Int 2 A-B Bio, Chem, Physics, English, Maths and 2 other subjects. Advanced Higher resits accepted; applicants must acknowledge need to resit in their PS.
Manchester N/A AAA at AH Chemistry + 1 of Bio/Maths/Phys at AH. N/A N/A
Newcastle AAAAA N/A Chemistry and/or Biology N/A N/A
Nottingham N/A AAB at AH AA in Biology and Chemistry AH required. Minimum of six grade 1s, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and grade 2 in Maths and English. Grade A in Higher Physics can make up for a 2 at SG.
Oxford AAAAA AA at AH Chemistry at AH. 1 of Biology/Maths/Physics at Higher. Biology, Physics and Maths to Int 2 C/SG credit minimum if not offered at a higher level. One AH acceptable.

6 year course.

Plymouth N/A AAA at AH Chemistry + 1 of Biology/Physics at AH. Biology to Higher grade C if not offered at AH. N/A N/A
Queen's Belfast AAABB AA-AAA at AH AH Chemistry required. Higher Biology required if not taken to AH. SG Maths & Physics AAA at AH required if AAAAA not achieved in S5.
Sheffield AAAAB AA Chemistry + another science required at AH grade AA N/A N/A
Southampton N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
St. Andrews AAAAB AH Chemistry and Biology recommended, but other subject combinations not disadvantaged. Chemistry (A grade) + 1 of Biology/Maths/Physics at Higher. SG credit/Int 2 B English. Biology and Maths at SG credit/Int 2 B if not offered at Higher. Applicants may take missing science subjects in S6 if not taken in S5. Higher ESOL is not an accepted qualification.

6 year course.

St Georges N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
UCL Not accepted alone. AAA at AH Chemistry and Biology at AH required. English and Maths to SG credit/Int 2 B. Combination of Highers and Advanced Highers in S6 not acceptable.