Medical School Resit Policies

Information for is up to date as of 13/08/13. If you are unsure or need clarification, contact the medical schools directly.

Resitting modules during years 12 and 13 is usually permitted by medical schools BUT check before applying.

Medical School Allow Resits post-Y13? Extenuating Circumstances Only? Only if Applied There Previously? Any Other Comments?
Aberdeen Yes Yes   Very serious personal difficulties at the time of the first sitting must be demonstrated, and these must have been declared and validated at the time of the exam. Appropriate supporting documentation must be supplied from an academic tutor and professional bodies (GP, hospital, etc) to verify the extent of the difficulties and their impact on results. This documentation must be received by the UCAS deadline of October 15th. Applications are then reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Barts and the London No     We do not consider applications from candidates who have retaken their ‘A' levels even if with exceptional extenuating circumstances. We do permit resits of AS modules provided these are not taken outwith the 2 years of study.
Birmingham Yes Yes   Only those who have achieved less than our standard offer by a small margin the first time round may be considered if there are persuasive mitigating circumstances.
Brighton and Sussex Yes Yes   We will ordinarily only consider applications from individuals who have slipped a grade in one subject and obtained a B (plus 2 A grades). You will be required to be predicted, and subsequently to attain, an A in the subject that you are re-taking to be eligible for consideration. Exceptionally, where there are clear and strong mitigating circumstances for the A2 year, the first attempt at the examinations may be set aside, and, as a result, the applicant's re sits will then be assessed as if they were the first attempt . Note that we will require formal evidence in support of any mitigation claimed, in the form of a letter on headed paper sent directly to the admissions office for consideration.
Bristol Yes     We will consider applicants who are completing resits of GCSE and/or A-levels (or other level 2 or level 3 qualifications). A maximum of one resit per subject is allowed.

We will only make an exception to this 'only one resit per subject' rule where there are serious mitigating circumstances.

Cambridge       At Cambridge, students are regularly assessed by examination and there's no opportunity to resit any exams (with the exception of professional qualifying examinations in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine). Therefore, we would be concerned about an applicant who seldom seems to have 'good' days and is retaking large numbers of units, unless this number of retakes was justified by circumstances beyond the applicant’s control and explained in their UCAS reference.
Cardiff Yes Yes Yes Exceptional extenuating circumstances must be fully documented and applicant should contact the admissions office before applying.]
Dundee No     Qualifications have to be obtained at the first sitting. The selectors do not consider applications based on retaken examinations.
Durham Yes Yes   We would normally expect all applicants to have achieved their A Levels on their first attempt. Those who wish resits to be considered must provide information on the extenuating circumstances they wish to be considered. Supporting evidence must be provided from your school or GP.
East Anglia (Norwich) Yes     Applicants with less than ABB at first sitting will not be considered. Applicants who are repeating all or part of any A level (or who have taken their A levels over more than 2 years) are expected to achieve A* in at least one of the subjects as follows: Candidates who are wishing to re-sit one subject will be required to have predicted A*; or candidates re-sitting two A-Level subjects are required to have predicted grades of A*A; or candidates re-sitting three A-Level subjects are required to have predicted grades of A*AA.
Edinburgh No     We get a large amount of applications from those that are able to meet the minimum requirements and an application would not be competitive enough if it did not meet them, so retakes of entire A-Levels not accepted and they must be taken within the first sitting. A couple of unit re-takes within the 2 years is fine. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances, these should be communicated to the exam board who are in a better position to make an appropriate adjustment than the medical school. If you have had a prolonged or on-going period of illness, we advise it is better not to sit exams and repeat the year when your health has improved. This would not be classed as a resit.
Exeter Yes     Exeter will consider resits at no disadvantage provided the final grades are achieved within 2 years of applying
Glasgow Yes Yes   The required grades and subjects must be obtained at one sitting and at the first attempt. Resits would only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Applicants with exceptional circumstances should contact the Admissions Administrator prior to submitting an application.
Hull York Yes Yes   We expect A-levels to be taken over a two year period. We accept results obtained by resitting modules within the initial two year programme of post-16 education in order to achieve our typical grades. We don't normally accept results from resits taken in a third year of post-16 education. But if there were extenuating circumstances at your first attempt (and these were communicated to staff at the responsible educational institution at the time), we will consider documentary evidence of these circumstances, and we might then agree to accept resits on an individual basis.
Imperial Yes Yes Yes Various conditions need to be met: 1) previously applied there, 2) achieved at least grades CCC on first attempt, 3) predictions of AAA in the resit exams, 4) acceptable extenuating circumstances communicated in the referee's statement or directly to the medical school.
Keele No     We do not make allowances for illness etc. causing a lower than expected examination result as applicants should report all extenuating circumstances to the relevant examination board at the time of the examinations.
Kings Yes Yes   Re-sit applicants (i.e. those who take longer to achieve the appropriate grades) will be considered if extenuating circumstances, as judged by the School of Medicine, contributed to an unexpected poor academic performance.
Leeds Yes Yes   We would only consider re-sits in exceptional circumstances as we consider such candidates to have a significant advantage in improving their grades. The grades would have to be significantly better along with extenuating circumstances to account for why the appropriate grades were not achieved first time around.
Leicester Yes Yes Yes We do not accept resit applicants. However, we will occasionally accept applications from applicants who are repeating their A Levels if they previously held a conditional firm offer with us and major mitigating circumstances are submitted to the Medical School.
Liverpool Yes Not clear   Applications from candidates resitting advance level examinations may be considered if the applicant otherwise meets the GCSE criteria (as detailed in the admissions procedure). Applicants must acknowledge and reflect on their need to resit in the personal statement. Any mitigating circumstances should be noted in the personal statement and as appropriate in the academic reference. Applicants are expected to achieve AAA in their final A2 exam.
Manchester Yes Yes   We consider re-sit applications from students who achieved AAB in their previous A2 examinations with exams taken at the same sitting after no more than 2 years of study. The A2 subjects previously achieved at AAB should include Chemistry and a second science. In order to ensure a level playing field for all applicants, re-sit applicants will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Re-sit applicants must acknowledge and reflect on the need to re-sit in their personal statement, as this forms a key part of the assessment process for re-sit applicants. Information on any extenuating circumstances with supporting evidence from school/college/GP should be provided. Re-sit applicants will also be required to re-take UKCAT and shortlisted candidates will be required to attend an interview. We would normally require re-sit applicants to achieve A*AA in their final aggregated results with A* achieved in the subject re-taken.
Newcastle Yes Yes   We would normally expect all applicants to have achieved their A Levels on their first attempt. Those who wish resits to be considered must provide information on the extenuating circumstances they wish to be considered. Supporting evidence must be provided from your school or GP.
Nottingham No     During your A- level years we will accept one module re-sit in each full A-level subject you are studying. Once you have achieved a grade at A2 we will not accept any further re-sits. If any adverse factors occur during your A-levels, including dyslexia, ill-health or bereavement, you should ensure the relevant examination board is aware of these so they can be taken into consideration when grading your examinations.
Oxford Yes Yes   "The University of Oxford offers courses that are academically very demanding and aims to select those students who would best be able to benefit from the challenges they make; this is why we require students to demonstrate that they can cope with the workload of taking three full A-levels (or equivalent) in one academic year (A2 in one year, AS in another one year) and achieve good grades. Nevertheless, we recognise that students sometimes fail to achieve their potential on first attempt at school because of extreme circumstances beyond their control. Examples would include disruption caused by change of school or system, severe discontinuity of teachers, bereavement and one-off debilitating illness. Under these sorts of extenuating circumstances an applicant resitting A levels might be considered. We take effort to treat each application individually and would always take such mitigating circumstances into account, if they are brought to our attention: a clear note should be made of these circumstances in the school reference."
Plymouth Yes     We are happy to accept applications from student retaking either their AS year or A-levels. If you wish to apply with predicted grades, we would stipulate that you achieved AAB at the first attempt. It is not necessary for the candidate to demonstrate extenuating circumstances, or to explain the reason that resits were required.
Queen's Belfast Yes   Yes Due to the competition for places the number of offers made to students resitting A-levels has to be restricted. Normally only those who had applied to study Medicine at Queen’s at the first attempt and held an offer (if made) as their conditional firm (CF) choice are considered. In addition they must have achieved AAB+a at first attempt . The offer for repeat candidates is currently AAA at A- level plus A at AS-level. Candidates repeating are expected to retake all examination components of AS and A2 modules associated with the subject being repeated. Only two attempts at A-levels are allowed.
Sheffield No     Unfortunately if you did apply then I am afraid that you would be unsuccessful. It is extremely competitive and most of the people who apply meet the minimum academic requirements. If you do not meet the A Level requirements, you may have to look at doing an alternate degree with a view to applying to Medicine after you graduate.
Southampton No     We are unable to consider applicants who are retaking their A Levels/GCSES/or equivalent qualifications.
St Andrews Yes Yes   Candidates who take more than the normal number of years to obtain their qualifications will only be considered if there have been extenuating circumstances that are fully documented. Exceptional circumstances might include, for example, ill health during the final year of study. It might also include attending a school which traditionally has a low number of pupils going on to Higher Education. We make our decisions based on performance at the first sitting of A2 Levels, except in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances might include, for example, ill health during the final year of study. It might also include attending a school which traditionally has a low number of pupils going on to Higher Education.
St Georges No     "We do not accept candidates who are taking A-Levels over three years but candidates may re-sit modules throughout years 12 and 13."
UCL No     "Students who need to resit exams in Years 12 and 13 in order to achieve the required grades may struggle subsequently on our programme. Resits of January exams the following June are permitted, but we would suggest that candidates who need to resit examinations in order to achieve the required grades may not be well-prepared for our programme."
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