The msc public health degree

Southampton’s MSc Public Health degree is aimed at experienced public health professionals, midwives and nurses who want to develop their careers.

There are two pathways on this MSc Public Health course: the generic pathway and the specialist pathway.

The specialist pathway typically leads to employment as a school nurse or health visitor. In fact, the MSc Public Health degree is sometimes referred to as the health visitors’ masters for exactly this reason.

This specialist pathway is funded by NHS sponsorship, which means the number of places on the programme is dependent on government expenditure in this area. Applications may be made between January and March each year.

The MSc Public Health course’s content gives students an increased critical awareness of health protection and promotion. It is also structured to enhance students’ skills and knowledge relating to health policy, management and leadership

Also, the MSc Public Health course helps to hone students’ skills of communication, and their ability to work in a multi-professional team; making them more rounded health practitioners.

A range of postgraduate options like the MSc Public Health degree are now offered by the University of Southampton. All of these courses have been developed to correspond with the requirements of employers and professional bodies.

Professor Jessica Corner, who is Dean of Health Sciences at Southampton, said: “Our programmes benefit from close partnerships with practice settings, clinical leaders and close involvement with healthcare service users.

“Students on undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programmes are exposed to an extensive array of learning opportunities in real and simulated practical and theoretical sessions in which technologically enhanced learning is gaining an increasing presence.” She added.

It is possible to find out more information about the MSc Public Health practice degree at the University of Southampton by logging on to the Health Sciences website at