Optometry 2014

  • Optometry 2014


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Username University applying to ↓ GCSEs ↓ AS-Level grades ↓ A-Level Predictions ↓ Interview Details ↓ Outcome ↓ Extras
hiddenbutterfly City, Aston 7A* 3A 1 Distinction AAAAC A*A*A* - - -
skpatel bradford, aston 1A* 5A 5B BBA AAA - - -
munckinemily Bradford, Ulster 10A* 3A 2B ABBC AAC - - - Saturday job at Specsavers
bumbakrak City 3A*, 7As and 2Bs AAAB A*AA - - I have a Dental Personal statement!
AdamOgidi Plymouth, Anglia Ruskin 4A*s, 1A, 3Bs and 2Cs BBCD AAB - - Part time job at MikeCees Opticians