Speech and language therapy stalking page 2013

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SLT Applicants 2013

Applicant Universities Undergrad/ Postgrad Application submission date Interviews/written questionaires Decisions
I Love Tulips BCU - DMU - Leeds Met. - Reading - UCP Marjon Undergraduate 02/11/2012 BCU - Leeds Met (withdrew) - Reading - UCP Marjon BCU (unconditional) - DMU (pending) - UCP Marjon (unconditional) - Reading (conditional)
evantej DMU - Leeds Met. - Manchester - Newcastle - QMU Undergraduate 07/01/2013 Leeds Met - Manchester DMU (conditional) - Leeds Met (rejection) - Manchester (rejection) - Newcastle (rejection) - QMU (unconditional)
Paris je t'aime Manchester - Newcastle - Sheffield - UEA - UCL (Psychology and Language Sciences course) Undergraduate 08/11/2012 Manchester - UCL - UEA Newcastle (AAB) - UCL (AAA) - UEA (rejection)
swallow Manchester - QMU - Reading - UCP Marjon - UEA Undergraduate      
ingridp Leeds Met. - Sheffield Undergraduate      
aimee247 Manchester - Newcastle - Sheffield - UEA Undergraduate   Sheffield  
Izzwhizz Manchester - Newcastle - Reading - Sheffield - UEA Undergraduate 13/12/12 Manchester - Reading - UEA Newcastle (conditional) Sheffield- rejected Manchester- rejected, UEA- conditional (ABB)
BK2013 DMU - Leeds Met. - Manchester - MMU - Sheffield Undergraduate Mid October Manchester - MMU- Sheffield MMU (Firm) DMU (Insurance) Manchester (rejection) Leeds Met (rejection) Sheffield (rejection)
FairyPoppins Reading - City Undergraduate 20/12/2012 Reading Reading - Firm (Conditional), City - Withdrawn
Nessie26 BCU - DMU - Manchester - Reading - UEA Undergraduate Mid-December 2012 Manchester - Reading  
Soffitta2795 Sheffield - Newcastle - BCU - QMU - Leeds Met Undergraduate Mid October BCU - Sheffield - Leeds Met Newcastle (conditional) - BCU (conditional) - Sheffield (rejection) - QMU (withdrew) - Leeds Met (withdrew)
sparklyshoes2 Manchester - MMU - Leeds Met - Sheffield - DMU Undergraduate early/mid November Manchester, MMU, Sheffield and Leeds met Manchester ( firm conditional) - MMU (insurance conditional) - Leeds Met, DMU, sheffield (withdrew)
naarlilley UCP Marjon Undergraduate 8th Nov UCP Marjon UCP Marjon (unconditional)
emnicole Reading - BCU - Manchester- Manchester Met -UEA Undergraduate 14/11/2012 Reading, BCU, Manchester, Manchester Met Reading - Conditional (Firm) , BCU- Conditional (Insurance) , Manchester Met - Conditional, Manchester - rejection, UEA-rejection
MegLidgate MMU - BCU - Leeds Met - Newcastle - Edinburgh QM. Undergraduate end of November MMU, BCU, Leeds Met Newcastle-(conditional AAB) - MMU-rejection - BCU-(conditional insurance BBB) - Leeds Met-(conditional firm ABB) - QMU - rejection.
Blue Rose City - Essex - Sheffield - Newcastle - UCL Postgraduate   Essex City (rejection) - Sheffield (rejection) - Newcastle (rejection) - UCL (rejection) -Essex (waiting list).
Blue Rose BCU - DMU- Marjon - UEA - Ulster Undergraduate January UEA - Marjon - BCU Ulster (rejection) - DMU- (unconditional) - UEA (unconditional firm) - BCU (unconditional) - Marjon (unconditional).
ellaaaxxx DMU - BCU - Reading - UEA Undergraduate Mid november BCU UEA (rejection) - Reading (rejection)
Ali Manchester - Newcastle - Leeds Met - QMU - Sheffield Undergraduate Start of Jan Leeds Met - Manchester Leeds Met (unconditional) Manchester (unconditional) QMU (unconditional) Newcastle (unconditional)
Ali Newcastle - Sheffield Postgraduate   Newcastle - Sheffield Sheffield - rejection . Newcastle - reserve list
iridaki BCU - Strathclyde - QMU - MMU - UCP Marjon Undergraduate 12/1 BCU - UCP Marjon Strathclyde (Conditional: HND DDM & IELTS 7.5)
Disgracieful UEA - BCU - Cardiff Met.- DMU - Reading Undergraduate early/mid de UEA - BCU Cardiff Met. (Conditional: BBB) - DMU (Conditional: BBB) - UEA (Rejection) - Reading (Rejection)
jennihd QMU - Strathclyde - Manchester - MMU - Newcastle Undergraduate Start of Jan MMU - Manchester Strathclyde: rejection UoM: rejection QMU: conditional
michelle_bucket Reading - Sheffield - BCU - UCP Marjon - Leeds met Undergraduate 29nov UCP Marjon Leeds met (conditional ABB) - BCU - rejection- reading psychology(AAB)
Lucy- BCU, City, DMU, Reading, UEA Undergraduate Mid October BCU & Reading & UEA BCU (Conditional BBB), Reading (Conditional AAB), DMU (Rejected for SLT, offered psychology instead) City (Conditional AAB) & UEA (withdrawn)
Flizzle Sheffield, UCP Marjon, DMU, Reading, UEA Undergraduate Mid October UCP Reading & UEA Reading Conditional (AAB)
JustZara BCU, MMU, DMU, UCP Marjon, UEA Undergraduate Start of Jan UCP Marjon, MMU, BCU UEA (rejection), UCP Marjon (conditional), MMU (conditional), BCU (rejection), DMU (conditional)
Aderyn City, Essex, Newcastle, Reading, Sheffield, QMU, UCL Postgraduate Nov-Dec '12 Essex City (rejection), Essex (rejection), Newcastle (rejection), Reading (reserve list for interview), Sheffield (rejection), QMU (rejection), UCL (rejection)
Aderyn Manchester, Sheffield, UCP Marjon, UEA, Ulster Undergraduate Jan '13 UEA, Manchester, Sheffield, UCP Marjon Manchester (Unconditional), Sheffield (Unconditional), UCP Marjon (Unconditional) UEA (Unconditional), Ulster (rejection)
Stineeful Ulster, BCU, Manchester City, UEA, Reading Undergraduate December 2012 Manchester Written Interview UEA (rejected) Reading (rejected) Manchester City (rejected), BCU (rejected) Ulster (rejected - Language and Linguistics alternative)
Bethx City, Reading, UEA, DMU, Manchester Undergraduate 16/11/12 UEA, Manchester, Reading UEA Conditional (ABB) DMU Conditional (BBB) Manchester Conditional (AAB)
flopped.it. City, Leeds Met, DMU, UEA, Manchester Undergraduate 26/11/12 UEA, Leeds Met, Manchester UEA - rejected after interview. Leeds Met Conditional (ABB)
Ledders19 Newcastle - DMU - Leeds Met - Sheffield - QMU Undergraduate 13/11/2012 Leeds Met, Sheffield Newcastle (conditional) Leeds Met (conditional) DMU (conditional) QMU (pending) Sheffield (pending)
niamh o'malley UEA, QMU, Reading, Ulster, Manchester Undergraduate 14/01/13 Ulster, UEA, Manchester Reading,QMU and Manchester - rejection, UEA (Conditional AAB)
amyray MMU, Manchester, QMU, Newcastle, DMU Undergraduate Mid November MMU, Manchester MMU (conditional), Manchester (conditional), QMU (conditional), Newcastle (conditional), DMU (conditional)
zoeu MMU,Newcastle, DMU, BCU, Leeds Met Undergraduate Mid November Leeds Met, BCU BCU (conditional on me completing my current degree), DMU (pending), Leeds Met (unconditional), Newcastle (withdrew), MMU (withdrew)
Ffionen Manchester, Cardiff Met, Reading, BCU, Leeds Met Undergraduate 01/12/2012 Leeds Met, Reading, Manchester Manchester (pending) , Cardiff Met (conditional) , Reading (Conditional) , BCU (rejected), Leeds Met (conditional)
Pepper22 Manchester, Reading, City, BCU, UEA Undergraduate   Reading, UEA, Manchester, BCU Reading (Conditional, Firm)BCU (Conditional, Insurance), Manchester (Conditional, Declined), UEA (rejection after interview), City (Withdrawn)
HannahA UEA, Newcastle, Sheffield, BCU, Reading Undergraduate Jan Reading, UEA, BCU, Sheffield, Newcastle Reading (Conditional),Sheffield (rejection) Newcastle (conditional) BCU (conditional)
Elaine111 UEA Undergraduate Jan UEA UEA (Conditional)
Soundsfamiliar Leeds Met Undergraduate Early Jan Interview at Leeds Firmed- Leeds Met (Unconditional)
bobleponge MMU, MMU (psychology and speech pathology), Leeds Met, Manchester Undergraduate November MMU and Manchester Firmed- MMU (Psychology and Speech Pathology)
danibaje MMU, City, Reading, QMU, Newcastle Undergraduate 07/03/2013 Online written interview with MMU MMU (unconditional), Reading (unconditional) , City (unconditional), Newcastle (rejected), QMU (rejected)
danibaje Reading, QMU, Newcastle Postgraduate Early Dec Telephone interview with Reading Newcastle (rejected), QMU (rejected), Reading (rejected)
Ilovechcocolate Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds Met, Birmingham City Undergraduate December Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds Met