What does your subject say about you?

We asked TSR members to share what the people who study their course are like... does this sound like you?


  • Introverts overall
  • Either hopelessly incompetent or frighteningly brilliant at mental arithmetic
  • Pretend they’re doing the degree for career prospects, but really just like solving maths problems
  • Use of the word trivial is commonplace


  • Will eavesdrop on anyone speaking a foreign language
  • Will maintain that watching movies and listening to music is proper work
  • Will completely forget everything once the magic phrase “Say something in x language” is uttered
grey puopon


  • Their friends are all tired of hearing about the chemicals written on the back of bottles
  • Feel really clever when they know a chemical from its formula
  • Good memories for learning lots of equations
  • Quiz each other on chemical formulas and feel proud when they get it right


  • Spend all their free time sitting around in coffee shops reading books
  • Lots of glasses, beards and bicycles
  • Hopeless romantics
  • Only date people who enjoy reading


  • Spend nearly all their time in the library reading
  • Hate essays with a passion
  • Good at arguing
  • Dead on the inside
black books


  • Love discussion
  • Thoughtful and analytical
  • Perpetual existential crisis
  • Sick of people asking about career prospects
loving it


  • Hate their own work, but love everyone elses'
  • Great at blagging ("you would be too if you had to explain why a chair is ‘emotional’")
  • Will make the mistake of wearing white once, and only once
cat art


  • Never get lost
  • Can’t walk down a high street anymore without identifying potential victims to corner to answer a questionnaire
  • Almost all have jeans, fleeces and boots as wardrobe staples.
star wars

Fashion design

  • Stupendously extravagant personalities
  • Very creative and good at making things
  • Mostly in debt from borrowing to spend all their money on a new Alexander Wang coat because it "matches sooo well with the thrift store shoes I originally bought for Grandma".

What are the people who study your subject like? Get involved in the thread here, or share your thoughts in the comments below.