Why choose a vocational course...

Choosing a university course is a really big and difficult decision. What kind of course do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Do I do a straight degree or a vocational course? All these questions have to be answered but the one I am going to focus on is the final question - Do I do a straight degree or a vocational course?

First of all neither of these is better then the other, in the end it depend on your course and also what you want to get out of university. I have just completed a Public Relations degree which is mixture between an academic course and a vocational degree but leaning towards the latter. I chose to do this degree because the placements that went on throughout would look good on my CV and I wanted to go straight from university into a job in this profession and this degree helped me do that.

It is not just public relations that is suited to a vocational degree but you will find most of the arts and performance degrees are as well as degrees which are very specific in what they are teaching. It gives you hands on knowledge about what you want to do after completing your degree and can help you shape a speciality and help you learn what you are good at and how to go about it before coming into the big wide world of work.

Although there are lots of advantages of vocational degrees there are a couple of small disadvantages, but they really are small! As your course is more placement and coursework based you may not have as much time on your hands but that doesn't mean you don't have plenty of time to enjoy your time at uni and enjoy your degree. Also if like me you do placement or you could be involved in performances you may be required to travel this is only a disadvantage for your bank balance and an advantage in the fact you get to go to different places!

Vocational courses can sometimes be ignored or seen as a lesser course within school but this isn't the case, especially if your course has academic nature to it as well this can be a huge bonus as you have experience when going out into the world.

Don't forget when you are looking into courses to see whether you are doing an academic, straight degree or a vocational course so you know what to expect.