Eight things uni students do around January exams

New year, new exams

January. The festivities are over, and it's time to settle back into uni life with a fun-packed timetable of exams.

For first years, they're the first big test to show how much you've learned so far. Even if they don't count towards your final degree, it pays to put the effort in now as you'll know what's needed next year.

And for second years and beyond, they're a bigger deal. But prepare well and you'll be fine, we promise. 

Here's a light-hearted look at the stages uni students go through during the January exam period.

Good luck!

1. Prepare well but still feel anxious

I have three exams and have revised for them mostly by looking at what topics have come up in previous years and by looking at bits of content. I'm still dreading it.

— 04MR17

2. Reflect on past exam woes

Need to start revision properly tomorrow. Realised I've not done an essay exam since GCSE English six and a half years ago, and badly then. God help me.

— furryface12

3. Freak out

Sh*tting myself here.

— Floshaye

4. Unload their stress

I'm trying my best to revise but nothing is going in and I also feel like I never do enough.

— Catherineenixon

5. Make the best of limited time and energy

Normally (if I had the motivation) I would practice writing out the answers several times from memory, but I don't have time for that now so I'm mainly reading and hoping the information sticks!

— Leviathan1741

6. Pray for mercy

I have my first third year exam in an hour, I hope the questions will be nice.

— Leviathan1741

7. Offer wise advice

Don't worry and focus on what you can in the time you have left, and make sure you don't waste time on irrelevant pieces of information.

— Miral E

For students doing their first uni exams, I think it's important not to get too worked up about them - you may be pleasantly surprised at how they go when you do them.

— Leviathan1741

8. Decide, post-exam, that it's not so bad after all

I was quite proud of it in the end, I wasn't struggling for words and I think it **might** even get a first, so that's something. If not I'll settle for a 2:1 but I did enjoy it I must say.

— 04MR17

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