Brunel university freshers useful links

Hi everyone! I've prepared a bit of a link-bomb for you to help you find the important Brunel page Hope this helps! I'm sure there are plent I've forgotten too - Brunel Freshers 2013 - UBS Nightlife - UBS Ents - List of sports clubs - List of societies - Overheard at Brunel - Brunel Library - Brunel cafeterias etc - Brunel Memes - Well Brunel, health and happiness at Brunel - Brunel Placement and Careers - Brunel Student Ambassadors - ASK Brunel - Brunel Bobby, the permanent member of the police force based at Brunel - Brunel Counselling Brunel Volunteers (also at

Brunel Student Union Officers - President - VP Academic Representation - VP Community Welfare - Equality Chair Campaigns Chair - VP Student Activities - Societies Guild Chair - World Student Chair