Freshers week playlist 2009

  • Freshers week playlist 2009

What tunes wеre being played throughout your freshers? What tunes will remind you of Freshers '09 in years to come?

Artist: Katy Perry (Calvin Harris Epic remix) 
Track: Waking Up in Vegas (epic remix of epic proportions) 
Comments: SO EPIC


Artist: Kings of Leоn 
Track: Sex on Fire 
Comments: Guaranteed to get everyone singing along!


Artist: Lily Allen (Far too loud Radio edit) 
Track: Not Fair (epic remix) 


Artist: Kanye West 
Track: Good Life 
Comments: Really feel good song, your officially a uni student ;) Go ape ****!


Artist: Architecture in Helsinki 
Track: Like it or Not 
Comments: One to jump around to, makes me smile!! :D




Artist: The Killers 
Track: Mr. Brightside 
Comments: Because it isn't a student night if the whole club isn't singing along to this at least once during the night!


Artist: The Prodigy 
Track: Warriors dance 
Comments: Awesome summer 09 tune that will be lapped up. *seconded* a must have!!!



Artist: Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye West 
Track: Run This Town 
Comments: Because this is what you're going to do when you get there!



Artist: David Guetta Ft Akon 
Track: Sexy Bitch 
Comments: Just amazing



Artist: Sidney Samson 
Track: Riverside 
Comments: Admittedly I haven't been clubbing since coming back from Magalluf so I don't know if its being played over here, but it got everyone going crazy and it would be a sin not to be played.



Artist: The Ian Carey Project 
Track: Get Shaky 
Comments: A great song, simple.


Artist: N-Trance 
Track: Set you free 
Comments: I'm getting bored of justifying great songs



Artist: Justice 
Track: D.A.N.C.E 
Comments: you know you love it


Artist: faithless 
Track: insomnia 
Comments: loved dancin to it in ibiza last year quality tune



Artist: Dizzee Rascal ft. Chrome 
Track: Holiday (Nero remix) 
Comments: It reminds you of summer


Artist: David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland 
Track: When Love Takes Over 
Comments: When the bass kicks in, it makes you want to dance!!


Artist: Reef 
Track: Place your hands 
Comments: Another great singalong


Artist: Lil wayne 
Track: Lollipop 
Comments: Gets everyone singing and is amazing!


Artist: Black Eyed Peas (David Guetta) 
Track: I Gotta Feeling 
Comments: Best tune out at the moment, just gets everyone in a good mood!


Artist: Waking the Cadaver 
Track: Chased through the woods by a rapist 
Comments: Because life isn't complete without grindcore. (Lol)


Artist: Vampire Weekend 
Track: A-Punk 
Comments: Gets everyone jumping around and shouting ay ay ay ay! alot.


Artist: Basement Jaxx feat Sam Sparro 
Track: Feelings Gone 
Comments: Guaranteed freshers anthem of 2009!!!!


Artist: Calvin Harris 
Track: You're Not Alone 
Comments: An epic tune, which everyone will dance and sing along to!


Artist: Air Traffic 
Track: Charlotte 
Comments: for the drunken dancing


Artist: The Prodigy 
Track: Take Me To The Hospital 
Comments: Should get people moving, to say the least..


Artist: Flobots 
Track: Combat 
Comments: Just mint ;)


Artist: Queen 
Track: Don't Stop Me Now 
Comments: Ends every college bop and often shows up in club nights as well. Singalong time!


Artist: La Roux or sometimes Skream mix 
Track: In For The Kill 
Comments: its will get drop, dubstep to the masses


Artist: Pendulum 
Track: Voodoo People ( or blood sugar or) 
Comments: gets people moving


Artist: Guns N' Roses 
Track: Sweet Child O'Mine 
Comments: gets people singing along


Artist: Calvin Harris 
Track: Ready For The Weekend 
Comments: says it all really


Artist: Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden 
Track: Bonkers 
Comments: still a tune people love and still will get played


Artist: Noisecontrollers 
Track: In The Marine 
Comments: Introduce them to Hardstyle!


Artist: Noisecontrollers 
Track: Milkshake 
Comments: Awesome mix.


Artist: Jason Heard vs Flashlight 
Track: My Girl 
Comments: its a tuuunnee. end of!


Artist: JLS 
Track: Beat Again 
Comments: It just cant not be played


Artist: Pulp 
Track: Common People 
Comments: Excellent song to dance and sing along to.


Artist: Deadmau5 
Track: I Remember 
Comments: his been big all summer, roll this song in, also the caspa remix


Artist: Deadmau5 Ft. Rob Swire 
Track: Ghosts N Stuff 
Comments: Everyone got the floor with this song and will be a major dance song all winter


Artist: Pendulum 
Track: Different 
Comments: Gets everyone moving


Artist: Chase and Status 
Track: Pieces or anything off their latest album 
Comments: Some of the best drum n bass and dubstep


Artist: Busted 
Track: Air Hostess, Crashed the Wedding, Year 3000. Any really! 
Comments: The band everyone loved to say they hated, but at heart I bet you know all the words to the cheesy songs, coupled with the Busted jump! Brings back the memories.


Artist: Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester 
Track: Good Girls Go Bad 
Comments: Bit of a tune to be fair - gets me dancing!


Artist: Dj Fresh 
Comments: Easy drum and bass, can sing along to it, and the very sound off it will make you itch


Artist: Akon 
Track: Dangerous 
Comments: Everyone knows it's a rude boi choon, defo and addition to the playlist


Artist: Kevin Rudolf 
Track: Let it rock/Welcome to the world 
Comments: Great music, if you want a dance these will go down a treat


Artist: All American Rejects 
Track: Dirty little secret 
Comments: 90S: Head back a few years and it's guaranteed to get the party started


Artist: Bloodhound Gang 
Track: Bad Touch 
Comments: 90S: Need I say more?


Artist: Empire of the Sun 
Track: We are the people 
Comments: Awesome happy song that is good to sing along to as well.


Artist: Kid British 
Track: Our house is dadless 
Comments: Everyone loved the original, and this copy will defo be an addition to the PARTAY.


Artist: Lily Allen 
Track: The fear 
Comments: Yeh, clearly this is gunna get people shouting. ESSENTIAL.


Artist: Metro Station 
Track: Shake it 
Comments: Some may say Metro Station are an aqquired taste, but you won't find anyone dissin this CHOON.


Artist: MIA 
Track: Paper planes 
Comments: Get the guns and cash bell out for this one.


Artist: MGMT 
Track: Kids 
Comments: Reppin song that people will love you for

Artist: Sean Kingston 
Track: Fire Burning 
Comments: SEAN KINGSTON IS THE DADDY. It's time to call 911.


Artist: 30H!3 
Track:Don't trust me 
Comments: Up beat, get dancing, and get involved.


Artist: The Temper Trap 
Track: Sweet disposition 
Comments: THE BEST tune of this summer. And no one will deny it. (We're talkin channel 4 festival ads).


Artist: Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne 
Track: Down 
Comments: Does what it says on the tin.


Artist: 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry 
Track: Starstrukk 
Comments: LEGENDARY. Better start practising your whistling!


Artist: Kanye West 
Track: Good Morning 
Comments: Fits every kind of situation, even the awkward silences only need someone to shout 'Good Morning!' to lift the place


Artist: Florence + Machine 
Track: Dog Days are Over 
Comments: Good song. nuff said