Freshers week playlist 2012

  • Freshers week playlist 2012

One thing that defines freshers' week each year is the music being played. As you're walking around halls, you can guarantee you'll hear the same songs coming out of people's windows. So, what tunes will remind you of Freshers '12 in years to come?

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Artist Far East Movement Feat Cover Drive
Track:Turn up the love
Comments:Gets you in that mood! :D

Artist Outkast
Track:So fresh and so clean
Comments:Should be a freshers anthem

Artist: The Black Keys
Track: Broken Heart is Blind- actually called 'Little Black Submarines' ><
Comments: Love this - a proper anthem.

Artist Carly Rae Jepsen
Track:Call me maybe
Comments: Love it! So addictive!

Artist PSY
Track: Gangnam Style
Comments: £1000 bet this is played at some point. It's inevitable.

Artist Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
Track: Good Time
Comments: Just too epic to ignore.

Artist Fazer
Track: Killer
Comments: VERY catchy tune especially when you're on the shots!

Artist LMFAO
Track: Shots
Comments: "If you're not drunk ladies and gentlemen, get ready to get drunked up!"

Artist Bob Marley/Benny Benassi
Track: Jammin remix
Comments: I have a feeling this will be BIG!

Artist Amelia Lily
Track: You Bring Me Joy
Comments: Upbeat party tune you'll hear all over!

Artist Spin City
Track: Landslide
Comments: LOL

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Artist A1
Track: Summertime of Our Lives

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Artist Five
Track: If Ya Gettin' Down

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Artist Little Mix
Track: Wings

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