How to make friends during Freshers Week


Starting university is an exciting time, but everyone worries about making friends...

Making friends can seem tough when you're in a new or unfamiliar place, but it's important not to worry - it's natural to have nerves, and even the most confident students will be feeling it too! 

To put your mind at rest, we've compiled some advice from the TSR community on the best ways to make friends during Freshers Week.

TSR user: Persipan

Try not to worry about it too much. Making friends is likely to take longer than a week, especially when it's kind of a weird week when everyone's in a new setting. People get really worried if they don't make friends in Freshers Week, when it was never all that realistic to expect that to happen so soon. 

My advice would be to go do stuff that enables you to meet people! There will be tons of events and taster sessions, so it's a good excuse to try something new. Don't worry about whether you've made deep personal connections right away, as those will develop over time.

For people who are shy or worried about meeting new people, pick events where there's actually something to do - an animation workshop, an archery taster session etc. That way, you can meet people in a non-pressured way, since you're all focusing on the activity.


TSR user: anonymouspie227

I started talking to people on the Freshers Facebook page. Everyone started adding everyone - then when Freshers events would happen you'd start bumping into people you knew.

Being friendly to hall-mates (don't worry, they don't have to be your best friends) and talking to new course mates or people at taster sessions are all good ideas to help you make friends. I would strongly recommend joining a sports club or society to meet people; just talk to people and make a bit of an effort - everyone is in the same boat!"

TSR user: JustGeorgeJ

There isn't really a tried and tested method to make friends during Freshers Week. There aren’t any rules to follow either - all I can say is it'll just happen!

Be open and remember you're all in the same boat: everybody feels the same and everybody will be up for a chat. Just talk to people, share interests or what you're studying and soon enough you'll just start sticking with people. It just happens!

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TSR user: Lucilou101

People often think that to make friends during Freshers Week you need to go out every night or to every social event, or you'll have no friends for the year. It's honestly not this extreme.

The main thing is to enjoy your Freshers Week and finish it feeling comfortable with your new environment. Do try and do social things, but don't force yourself to go clubbing every night if you don't want to.

Join societies or sports clubs you like the look of or even just try sitting in a social area such as a kitchen instead of in your room. If there are any taster events for societies, these are definitely worth going to - even if you don't end up joining.

Just remember that it's fine to take some time out for yourself as well. Freshers Week can be overwhelming and if you want an evening by yourself watching Netflix, that is absolutely fine. Chances are that people you meet in Freshers Week won't end up being your lifelong friends; those friendships tend to come from your course, halls or societies.

At the end of the day - you should enjoy it whichever way you can!

TSR user: ChemicalBond

Swallow your shyness and smile at people - or just start a conversation with them! Find out who they are and where they're from. 

Be nice, be yourself, and remember: you're far from alone in the situation, everyone else is in exactly the same boat as you, so you have nothing to worry about!

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