Medicine freshers blogs 2013





Snippets from the blog: 

My real name is Nicola, I'm from Lancashire and I am starting medical school straight from college. I'm thinking about joining both the uni and medics cheerleading team and rocksoc, but apart from that I have no idea what the next five years will be like.


St Andrews

Snippets from the blog: 
First, a little about myself.. 
19 y’old female. Fairly short, looks about 12 due to outdated fringe hairstyle. GSOH, likes long strolls along the beach, etc. Hails from a little-known city in the East of England named Cambridge that isn’t famous for anything in particular. Favourite dinner is Lucozade and Doritos (tangy cheese, with dip). Turkey dinosaurs will also suffice.

Hobbies include photography and watching Pointless religiously.