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Cooking at uni can be a challenge, but not if you follow this simple recipe

After a long day in lectures - or at the pub - the last thing you feel like doing is whipping up a feast in the kitchen.

But cooking at uni doesn't have to be a chore! No matter what your budget, skill-level or kitchen-worktop allowance, we've got you covered.

We hung out with Student Eats author Rachel Phipps as she shared one of her Student Eats cookbook favourites - Roasted Vegetable Pasta. Watch the video below and give it a try!

Student Eats | Roasted Vegetable Pasta with Rachel Phipps


  • Olive oil (or your oil of choice)
  • Salt,
  • Pepper,
  • A courgette,
  • Large yellow pepper,
  • Large orange pepper,
  • Large red pepper,
  • A red onion,
  • 200g of pasta.

Kitchen items you'll need

  • A chopping board,
  • A sharp knife,
  • A large pot to boil the pasta,
  • A large baking tray to cook the vegetables,
  • A sieve, 
  • A bowl to serve!


  1. Slice the courgette, the peppers and the onion.
  2. Pop them all in the large baking tray and season with salt and pepper. Place in the oven on 200 degrees for 40 minutes. Turn halfway through if you can.
  3. Whilst the vegetables are cooking, take your pasta and add it to boiling, salted water. Cook for anywhere between 12 - 20 minutes - check the label to find out.
  4. Once the pasta is cooked, empty it into the sieve to drain off the water, and then pop it back into the large pot.
  5. Remove your vegetables from the oven and scoop them (and their juices!) into the pot filled with pasta. Give it all a good mix and serve.


Chopped vegetables

Full video transcript

>>Rachel: The first recipe I’m going to be cooking from Students Eats is the Roasted Vegetable Pasta. This is one of my favourite recipes in the book and it’s one I make every time I move into a new flat because it’s easy, you don’t really need to buy much and I think the leftovers taste even better than the evening meal. So let’s get started!

First you’ll just need to chop up the vegetables - I’ve got a courgette here, a large yellow pepper, a large orange pepper and a large red pepper. What I was going to say is it doesn’t matter what colour you use, except for green as they don’t roast up as well. As you’ll see here I’ve actually got two red peppers because they’re quite tiny. If you’re buying cheap vegetables in a big bag, you’ll get smaller ones, so just use common sense.

With red onions I tend to take the tops off first and split them down the bottom to peel them,  because onions won’t make you cry as much if you leave the bottom bit on so I try and keep it on there for as long as possible. Chop the rest of the vegetables, and then you’ll want to put plenty of salt and pepper on them as that’s the only seasoning you’ll get for the whole dish - don’t be shy with it!

So now the vegetables are ready to go in the oven. I put them in there at 200 degrees for 40 minutes - it’s good to toss them halfway through so everything goes brown in the same places, but if you’re pressed for time you can just stick them in the oven and leave them.

Now the vegetables are roasting in the oven, I’ve got 200 grams of pasta shapes - use whatever shape you like - and I’m going to cook them in well-salted boiling water until they’re soft with just a little bit of bite, and then it’s time to mix the vegetables in.

You want freshly boiled water, just a kettle’s worth, and then you want to salt the water really well as it adds flavour to the pasta. Add the pasta, but read the instructions on the packet for cooking times because it could take anything from 12 to 20 minutes.

So now drain the pasta and put it back in the pan once you’ve drained off most of the water. After 40 minutes, your vegetables should be nice and fully roasted, pretty and shiny. You want to get them all ready with as many of the juices as possible to go into the pasta as that’s what makes the nice sauce. Get them all in, and give it a nice mix so everything’s as well coated as possible. Make sure you don’t scoop out all the veggies at once because this is absolutely delicious cold, so you’ll want some in your lunch box!

So here you’ve got roasted vegetable pasta. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and the leftovers in your lunch box tomorrow!


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