Seven clever tricks to save you money in Freshers Week

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If you’re off to uni in September, you’ll probably have heard dozens of stories from older friends and siblings about their Freshers Week antics. While Freshers Week won’t define your entire uni experience, it’s still going to be a memorable experience, and you’ll want to make the most of it without spending a fortune. As a new student, you won’t have limitless funds, so we’ve put together some tips to help you have the best possible Freshers Week without blowing the bank.

1. Grab a student card

An NUS Extra card costs just £12, and will score you discounts in shops, restaurants and bars. That means you can make the cost back in discounts super fast in Freshers Week, whether you’re snapping up your next fancy dress costume or grabbing a bite to eat before tonight’s bar crawl. As user Ahem said, “NUS card was worth every penny”… need we say more?

2. Visit the union

Most student union bars offer some great deals for Freshers Week, whether it’s cheap pitchers of snakebite or free first shots. Prices tend to be lower than normal bars too, and you’ll meet loads of other people from your own uni straight away, making this an ideal place to make friends fast.

3. Go to the Freshers Fair

Freshers Fair is a rite of passage. A full morning spent filling a tote bag with all the pens, magnets and lollipops you could ever need… and sometimes, some seriously handy freebies. If you get lucky, you might get snacks, shot glasses or even free pizza, so keep your eyes peeled for things to help you cut the cost of Freshers Week. Can you beat user Origami Bullets’ inflatable pool cue?

4. Buy a Freshers Week wristband

If you’re going to all the big Freshers Week nights, check if your uni is offering a wristband. This is often much cheaper than paying for each night separately, and can save a significant chunk of money.

However, if you’re only doing one or two of the big nights, it may not be worth it. Numan786 says “It can work out cheaper if you're the type to shift between clubs in a night”, so think about how many of the included events you actually want to do before buying.

5. Look for free activities

Just because it’s Freshers Week, doesn’t mean you have to stick to the official activities. If there’s not much on that you fancy, why not check out the local clubs and bars? They know Freshers Week happens every year, and they’ll be keen to attract new students with free entry and cheap drinks. This is your chance to impress your new friends with your knowledge of the local venues and keep costs down in the process.

6. Keep an eye on social media

Before you even arrive at uni, make sure you’re following your uni’s official pages on social media, and if you’re on Facebook, try searching ‘[uni name] Freshers’ to see if there’s a group you can join. Often, people will post information about all the official and unofficial Freshers events in here, and it can be a handy way to find out about cheaper events or discounts you might not otherwise come across.

7. Try some society taster sessions

Uni is the best opportunity you’ll ever have to try so many activities so cheaply, so take full advantage of the societies’ taster sessions during Freshers Week. Most societies offer free tasters, so whether it’s Ultimate Frisbee, cheerleading, chess, hockey or gastronomy that catches your eye, use Freshers Week as a chance to give it a go without committing to everything.

There really is something for everyone – kittyb99 was in Quidditch Society, TLK’s uni has a Tea Appreciation Society and k9markiii said that Lancaster Uni had an Octopush Society (underwater hockey), so now is your chance to try anything that sounds fun – for free!

Freshers Week is the ideal opportunity to let your hair down, make new friends and get to grips with uni life. Just don’t go crazy, and set a clear budget to avoid running out of money a few weeks into term. And if all else fails, there’s always pre-drinking to help you save a few pennies, right?


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