Seven massive fibs everyone believes about Freshers Week


You've probably heard all sorts about Freshers Week... so what do you believe?!

There’s a reason so many people say uni is the best years of their lives. You probably can’t wait to get to Freshers Week, meet your flatmates, check out the campus and try out some weird and wonderful activities in the societies, but most people understandably feel a bit nervous too. Will you fit in? Will you make friends? Will you have enough money? The truth is, some of the things you’ll hear about Freshers Week will be big fat fibs, so we’re here to set the record straight.

Fib #1 | Nobody else is nervous at all

Freshers Week IS daunting, but it’s also really exciting. There is nobody who isn’t at least slightly nervous, so it’s totally fine and normal to feel a bit apprehensive before you go. But from the moment you arrive, you’ll be so busy getting settled and learning names that there won’t be time to stay nervous. By the Wednesday, you’ll be covered in neon paint, be part of 19 new WhatsApp groups and possibly even know where the laundry room is.

Fib #2 | You only have one week to make friends

In all honesty, Freshers Week usually involves telling people over and over again who you are, where you’re from (‘Wivelsfield? Is that even a place?’) and what you’re studying, and then never seeing them again. Uni friends come from all sorts of places, including hallmates, coursemates, people in societies, friends of friends and randomers who just pop up one night and become your best friend for the next three years. Just stay friendly, open and be willing to share your milk and you’ll be absolutely fine.

Fib #3 | Everyone spends £500 in Freshers Week

Those student loans have to go a long way, so don’t feel pressured to blow yours in the first week. Sure, there’s always THAT person who spends £1,000 by showing off with endless rounds of champagne for everyone – just don’t BE that person. Very often, the best nights involve some cheap fancy dress, and end with a bag of chips on the walk home. Everyone is in the same boat, so nobody will judge you for keeping an eye on your budget.

Fib #4 | You need to pack absolutely everything from home

Is that the kitchen sink in your big blue IKEA bag? Unless you’re going to uni on Mars, you can buy anything you’ve forgotten when you arrive – it’s not a big deal. Every single flat in halls inevitably contains 20 potato mashers and 193 teaspoons, so don’t worry if you leave something behind – most people are happy to share.

Fib #5 | You’ll be drinking all day every day

There’s a lot to do in Freshers Week, from all the boring (but important!) admin, to exploring the campus, to stocking up on textbooks and, of course, meeting as many people as possible. Even the most hardcore drinkers need a night off, so don’t worry about keeping up. Nobody wants to spend all of Freshers Week sleeping off a hangover, so don’t feel bad if you fancy a night off to chill with your new flatmates and a takeaway.

Fib #6 | Non-drinkers will have a terrible time

There’s so much to do other than drinking at Freshers Week. Unis realise that not everyone drinks, so you can sign up for film nights, dinner parties, theatre trips and so much more. And there’s nothing stopping you going along to the big club nights – you can still have a great night with your new friends, and you can be smug when you wake up feeling fresh the next day.

Fib #7 | You’ll live off pesto pasta and toast

OK, maybe there’s an element of truth in this one. After a busy day making new friends, the last thing on your mind will be rustling up a nutritionally balanced gourmet dinner. Just try to remember to buy fruit and vegetables once term begins – that slice of lime in your rum and coke won’t be enough to help you fend off the notorious freshers’ flu. Once you’ve made friends with your flatmates, why not cook together every now and then so you don’t freak your mum out with your entirely beige diet?


If you want the truth about Freshers Week, check out these Freshers Week tips from real students. Just try not to stress too much, and remember that everyone else feels the same way as you, even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

What crazy rumours did you hear about Freshers Week? What's your advice for future students?


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