Seven things that will happen to you during Freshers Week

Partying during freshers

You won't know what your course is like until you actually start, but Freshers Week is surprisingly predictable...

Starting university is a major lifestyle change for a lot students and it can be hard to know what to expect. However, everyone pretty much has a similar experience of Freshers Week. Here are seven things that will probably happen to you.

1. You'll join too many clubs and societies

Everything will sound amazing at Freshers' fair and you're more than likely to get caught up in all the excitement.

You'll be persuaded into signing up for an overwhelming amount of societies, before instantly forgetting about them and never actually attending a single one. 

2. You'll get lost on a night out

Moving into a new area is difficult and you're always bound to lose your bearings a little bit. Don't be surprised if you find yourself loading up Google Maps multiple times during a night out.

All it takes is a few drinks and one small miscommunication and you'll be wondering where you are and where all your new friends have gone. Definitely try and make sure your phone is always fully charged before you head out!

3. You will get a lot of texts from your family

Expect to wake up to an endless amount of texts from your family asking about how you're getting on and if you're eating properly.

Although you might still be annoyed that they didn't let you listen to Jay-Z in the car on the journey down, after a few weeks you'll discover that distance certainly does make the heart grow fonder.

Have some wild times

4. You'll try new things

Freshers' Week has a lot of different themed nights and events in order that appeal to a variety of students' different tastes.

Ultimately, you won't be too enthusiastic about a few of these nights but that won't stop you being dragged along to them anyway. It's always nice to try new things at uni and you could actually end up enjoying yourself.

5. Someone will set off the fire alarm

It won't be too long before you experience someone setting off the fire alarm in the early hours of the morning.

Usually it's someone who's come back from a night out and decided that toast would be a good idea. It's not, as you'll soon find out.


6. You will meet a lot of different people

University is an opportunity to meet a lot of different people from different backgrounds that you probably wouldn't have met otherwise. It's a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn about other people's experiences.

You'll also quickly learn that some people like to party a lot more than others, but you should never feel intimated to go outside of your comfort zone.

7. You'll want to do it all over again

Freshers Week will settle your nerves about starting university so much that you'll probably want to do it all over again once it's finished. 

But don't worry, the fun's just beginning. 



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