University essentials and packing tips

The kit you couldn’t possibly live without...

It's pretty easy to get carried away when you're packing for uni. Long-forgotten objects at the bottom of rarely opened drawers suddenly become absolutely essential and, before you know it, you've crammed the entire contents of your bedroom into a rucksack and a battered old suitcase from the loft.

But among all the clobber and clutter, there's always one genuine must-have. That irreplaceable item that, should it somehow get left behind, you'd be on the next train home to collect.

We asked TSR users what's top of their uni packing list...

An introduction
A golden piece advice is [to take] something to wedge your door open. Even better, use a crate of beers as a door stop so people can come chat and have a drink. First impressions...key!

An old friend
This is going to sound ridiculous but if I forgot my favourite teddy (I think I've only spent something like two-weeks-worth of nights without it in my room since I was six months old), I'd ask my parents to turn the car around so I could get it.

A lifeline 
My phone - to call people when I need cheering up because I'm living alone in the big wide scary world!


Health food
George Foreman...couldn’t live without it in uni! And a 5kg pack of bacon from Makro at the start of term...
Ally Ally Oh....

An old friend II
My disgustingly filthy toy dog called Cracker. It used to be a pristinely clean little thing, but now it's gone from a pleasant white to a rather terrifying shade of grey. If I forgot it, I'd probably hijack a plane and divert it to North Wales just so we could be reunited. 

Cup o' cha
Kettle/toaster if your accommodation doesn't provide them. I found out the hard way.

I've got my sandwich toaster ready to take with me, so that's half my meals sorted.

Home comfort
I'm going to go with my mum's self-made recipe book! She's a fantastic cook and has perfected basically everything. That book holds all her cooking secrets.
Pen Island

Chill pills
Pain killers. Many of us will probably need them during freshers’ week!

And finally...
My treasured sombrero!

Packing for uni? Don't forget these top tips...

Plan in advance!
First, write a list of everything you're planning to take. Then do the bulk of your packing a week ahead of time. It will give you time to work out exactly what you need, as well as showing you how much stuff you're actually taking.

Have a clearout
You’ve doubtless acquired a ton of stuff at home over the years and, let's face it, a lot of it you can easily live without. Take this opportunity to declutter by selling off old things on eBay or at the local car boot sale. It will make packing simpler and get you a few extra quid for your first week at uni.

Pack an 'essentials' bag
Once you get to uni, there are going to be 1,000 things more interesting to do than your unpacking. Still, you'll want to be able to quickly get to your toothbrush, your coffee mug and so on. Pack these in a small, separate bag so you don't have to empty an entire rucksack to find them.

Think about what you can’t nab from the kitchen
A kettle, a microwave, even a wooden spoon, you won’t be able to sneak these out past mum. Rather than go without a brew for your first few days of uni, get down the supermarket before you leave to stock up on own-brand household items.

Plan how you're getting there
Plane, train, automobile...? How you're getting to uni will affect how much stuff you can physically carry. Alternatively, you could look at getting your kit delivered direct to your door. Sendmybag, for instance, will send a bag anywhere in the UK from £22.