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Our Courses

From professional qualifications to apprenticeships, postgraduate and undergraduate degrees and specialised professional development, we offer an extensive range of courses for you to study, whatever stage your career is at. 


Building and shaping thousands of legal careers every year, our law courses focus on your employability, developing the skills needed to excel in your training contract, pupillage and future career.

Accountancy and Tax

Gaining a strong background in accountancy and tax is essential for unlocking opportunities at leading global businesses. Succeed with our varied study options and professional qualifications.

Leadership and Management

Developed with leading businesses, our courses in leadership and management are tailored to match the specific needs of global employers and help fast-track your career.

Data and Technology

Meet the growing and ever-changing demand for data and technology skills in professional roles, creating teams that can use data and systems effectively and intelligently.

Financial Services

As new technology drives change, innovation and growth transforms opportunities in the financial landscape. Our courses are developed in partnership with major firms across numerous fast-paced sectors.


Developing academic, personal and professional skills, our courses prepare you for a fulfilling and intellectually stimulating career. Each study option is accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Nursing and Healthcare

Gain expertise and the ability to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in society. In partnership with the UK’s most recognised NHS Trusts, our courses prepare you for every step of a rewarding career.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

With cyber-crime and digital disruptions on the rise, risk management and compliance are now central to any business strategy. Develop the skills to stay agile and help businesses evolve.


Taught by industry experts, you’ll develop the in-demand skills needed to give your career the best possible start. From first step to fully qualified, our flexible programmes prepare you for every opportunity.


Driving high-level, strategic decisions made by financial organisations and governments, learn how to predict future financial outcomes, access risk, and analyse important data for any business.

Student Life at BPP

With locations in London, Leeds, Bristol, Cambridge, and Manchester you’ll have an amazing student experience wherever you go. The university has accommodation services to help you find somewhere to stay, and you’ll automatically be enrolled into the Student’s Association which hosts societies and events.

Upcoming Events

From roundtables and breakfast briefings to webinars and open evenings, our events provide a perfect opportunity to connect with industry professionals, share insight and discuss current trends. Browse our calendar of events below:

Check out our upcoming events here: www.bpp.com/events 

Open Days

Our Open Days are a great opportunity for you to meet our professional tutors and experience the quality of our teaching in taster lectures. You'll also be able to get advice and information for our expert career advisors, explore our modern facilities and meet other prospective students who are considering studying with us.

To find out when the next Open Day is, take a look at the Open Day calendar here.

Travel Information

Transport links are readily available on and near each BPP campus. For more specific transport information please see the bottom of the BPP home page and click on the specific campus you wish to learn more about!

Other Contact Details

Open Monday to Friday from 0800hr to 1800hr (GMT)

BPP University
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