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Courses and Fees

Loughborough College courses and fees

Together with Loughborough University and Loughborough Students’ Union, the College has worked hard to secure a reputation as a training ground for future sporting professionals. The College also has strong links with universities in Derby, Nottingham, and Warwick, with several of its courses being validated by these institutions. For those seeking degree-level qualifications, Loughborough College offers Access courses, HNDs, and Foundation and Top-Up Degrees. Some of the most popular subject areas are Business Management, Early Years Education, Engineering, Music, Sport, and Teacher Training.

And the best bit? Degree-level courses start at £4,500. International students needn't miss out either, as the College provides a specially-designed programme in collaboration with Loughborough University.


For a course prospectus, call +44 (0)1509 618 375 or visit www.loucoll.ac.uk.

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Entry requirements

The College’s Admissions Team will take into account your individual grades, depending on which course you have applied for, and some courses, such as the BA (Hons) Education and Foundation Degree in Children’s & Young People’s Services qualifications will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

There are no tuition fees for full-time students aged under 19 attending FE courses but there are sometimes costs incurred for study materials and organised class trips. For this age group, examination fees are normally paid by the College, except for re-sits. For HE courses, fees vary depending on the type and level of qualification.


Bursaries and scholarships

For most students, money can be a big source of stress. Whether you're studying full-time or part-time, funding is available, with the exception of help with travel costs, council tax, and the Residential Support Scheme (RSS), which is only for full-time learners (with RSS being only for Level 2 or 3 learners under 19). Full-time UK students may be eligible if aged under 19 before the start of the chosen academic year, or of taking your first full Level 2 or 3 qualification and you also meet the qualifying criteria.

The Loughborough College Bursary Fund is another valuable source of help for successful applicants from low-income families aged 16-18, whilst the Enhanced Bursary looks after those certain students, such as those who have recently left care or are receiving disability allowance, who are under 19 and on an FE course.

Those over 19 needn't despair though, as plenty of assistance is available too, from an adult learner support fund through to new government 24+ loans. These are designed for students aged 24 or over wanting to study a Level 3 or 4 course. Funding is paid directly to the College and you won't need to pay anything back until you're earning over £21,000. If, however, your loan is for an Access to Higher Education course and you progress on to complete a HE or university-level course, you won't pay anything back! Now there's an incentive to study hard if ever you needed one!


Loughborough College facilities

Loughborough College’s Technology Centre opened in 2008 as a specialised area for Engineering, Motor Vehicle, and Electrical Installation students. The eight workshops house an impressive toolkit for hands-on study, and the College is continually investing in its facilities. Most recently, in September 2014, it completed £15-million worth of new building work, resulting in a shiny new main building, The Hub, and the Arts Academy. Not only does it provide a smarter, more extensive library, so students have all the necessary academic resources at their fingertips, but also a restaurant and a café – perfect for boosting brain power mid-study session. The Arts Academy boasts a dance studio, theatre, and photography studio, as well as three music studios, which for those on Creative Arts courses, could pretty much form the bread and butter of their practical study. Sporty types will find the Radmoor Centre’s facilities gold-medal worthy, thanks to its 50 workout stations, indoor sports hall, commercial spa, and AstroTurf pitch. Alternatively, if your student loan allows, why not test other students' skills at the on-site hair and beauty salon? All at discounted rates, naturally.

In September 2015, expect to see a swanky new building rising out of the College campus, set to transform the learning experience of both Sixth Form and Services Industries students. Plans currently make it look more like Google HQ than your average college, with bright walls, curved seating, and panoramic study spaces. The more traditional additions will include 35 revamped classrooms, six brand-new science labs, four IT rooms, and three flexible learning areas for students to relax and socialise in between lessons. This, alongside The Hub and Arts Academy developments, have set the college back £30-million but it looks like money well spent.


Library and study facilities

Staying connected, even if it is on Twitter, is a key part of student life, so tech addicts will be pleased to know there are 500 computers available, as well as many more wireless laptops. With your own College email address, which will last your entire time there, you automatically get access to 25GB of online storage, which should be more than enough for any workaholics. The College’s computers are all linked up to a network that supports the sharing of all kinds of resources, so, in just a few clicks, you'll be able to log in and download guides on how to perfect Harvard referencing and more. LearnZone, an online area where tutors can share material and set assignments, is fantastic for this. You can even submit your essays online and check out any feedback. Mahara is similar but offers more scope, including blogs, images, and video - think of it more as an electronic portfolio or social media page.

Loughborough College's library is a stress-free environment, complete with areas for group study, computers for quick email checks, laptops, and printers. The material is organised into curriculum areas meaning minimal time is spent locating those all-important texts. There's also a computer room housing 47 stations, some of which are installed with Adobe CC, SolidWorks, and CAD - useful for Engineering students in particular. If you're planning a group revision session or are working on a team project, you can book a room at the library. Coincidentally, this same room is where the Library’s Study Skills workshops take place, an opportunity for students to be taught the ins and outs of planning, researching, and writing assignments independently. There is also a quiet study room available, offering a further five bookable computers. On the second floor, HE students can take advantage of a room dedicated to them. With 13 computers, it's the perfect place for those with a lot on their plate to be able to really focus on their work. The library is open until 8 p.m. Monday to Thursday and also on Saturdays for those conscientious types. You can take a virtual tour of the library at http://library.loucoll.ac.uk/360-tour-of-library.


Welfare and financial help

Loughborough College staff are experienced in caring for those with extra needs; from offering support to students with autism or dyslexia through in-class assistance or extra time in exams, to helping to organise special funding for those with a disability. International students, too, are supported by an experienced International Team, offering guidance on how to open a bank account and register with a doctor, amongst other things.

Money matters can be a real source of stress to students living away from home for the first time, so it's a great thing that funding is available to many. Under 19s may apply for free tuition when taking your first Level 2 or 3 course. Additionally, you may qualify for either an Enhanced or Discretionary Bursary from the College. For over 24s, new government 24+ loans are a valuable source of assistance that aren't means-tested. You won't have to pay this back until you're earning over £21,000, so it's worth checking if you meet their criteria.

The College's on-site Day Nursery offers day care for children up to school age and is perfectly positioned for students to drop off and pick up their children around a busy study timetable. Students aged under 20 are eligible to apply to the Care to Learn (C2L) government initiative for childcare funding and C2L will pay a maximum of £160 per week during term-time. Therefore, if the cost of the childcare is less than £160 per week, C2L will provide full funding but if the cost is over £160 per week the student has to pay the difference. Students aged 20 and over are able to apply to the Discretionary Learner Support Fund for financial assistance of a contribution towards the cost of childcare.

The College's Student Support Team can provide information about any of these welfare or financial services, as well as offer advice on where to seek external funds, such as a bank loan, as well as any exemptions you may qualify for whilst studying.


Careers services

Let's face it, what you all really what to know is ‘Will I get a job after my course?’ Luckily for you, Loughborough College has some pretty impressive stats - 94 per cent of students go on to find success in work, further study, or training within the six months of graduating. With a more vocational angle on its programme of courses, the practical experience will go down well with most employers. For advice on your next step, whether it's another course or a step out into the world of work, there are careers advisors on hand to help - they're based in the Hub, so drop in on your way to lunch in the Box Office café. There are obviously some great HE courses on offer at the College but specialist Careers Advisors will also talk you through UCAS applications and even discuss gap year options if that's what you're planning.

If it's a job you're after, the REED NCFE team are the people to chat with - again based on the ground floor of The Hub. Their expert advice will help you to improve your CV and give you interview practise, as well as organise work experience and apprenticeships. The really exciting bit is that they also have exclusive access to local jobs that are rarely advertised, so you could have a better chance of bagging your first pay packet! You might find you also gain valuable skills by getting involved in the Loughborough Students’ Union's Action team, through which you can get in involved in various volunteering schemes in the local community. Just don't forget to put it on your CV.


Other services

Being a student isn't always fun and games, and for those times when you need to talk to someone on issues of mental or sexual health, or a range of other personal issues, the Student Support Team are on hand. An informal chat is often all it takes to get the reassurance and expert advice you need, but free, longer-term counselling is easy to arrange. Appointments can be made online, over the phone, or via reception at The Hub. For any sexual health concerns, there's a drop-in clinic on weekdays during term-time between 12.30 and 1.30 p.m., which provides free chlamydia testing and condoms, as well as pregnancy tests.


International students

Moving out to go to college is daunting enough but moving to a different country is an altogether more challenging experience. Loughborough College's International Team are on hand to help with things like setting up a bank account, finding a place of worship (there is a multi-faith room available on campus), or registering with a doctor or dentist. Each student is also appointed a Learning Coach, who arranges regular catch-ups with you to make sure that you are achieving your study goals. But it's not only academic issues they can help with, so feel free to offload any personal matters bothering you too - they're there to help.

In fact, on your very first day at the College, many of your concerns will be laid to rest as the International Team provide you with a bank letter and organise police registration, as well as take you on a thorough tour of the campus and its facilities. Depending on what course you’re studying, you'll have an English assessment early on, so the College knows exactly how much language help you may need, as every international student receives English tuition which fits around their timetable. The International Team will help you to set up your computer account and run through your timetable with you.

In terms of entry requirements, all applications are assessed on an individual basis. The College works in collaboration with Loughborough University to offer a Foundation Programme to international students as a gateway to degree-level study in the UK. Other study options include three traditional A Level pathways, BTEC Subsidiary and Advanced Diplomas, which offer fantastic vocational skills in the workplace, BTEC Higher National Diplomas and Foundation Degrees, combining the practical and theoretical knowledge to give you the upper hand in a competitive industry, and Top-Up Degrees, which are taught at the College but validated by partnering universities. The small class sizes and reduced cost of these Top-Up Degrees will appeal to many students who are looking to study at a higher level.

In the summer break, if you're not rushing home, international students can benefit from a packed social schedule of activities like basketball, film clubs, and trips to UK attractions. Plus, the English Language Summer School is the perfect place to develop your English skills, with specialist options to practise academic English or conversation classes, amongst others.


Loughborough College accommodation

All students are welcome to rooms in The Gables, the College’s accommodation just a short walking distance from campus - perfect for last-minute dashes to class. The halls also feature nice extras, such as a common room complete with a ping-pong table, a TV, and an Xbox. In the summer, students make the most of The Gables’ outdoor spaces designated for picnics and barbecues.


Guide to halls and student areas


Halls of residence

Loughborough College's halls of residence comprise 170 single bedrooms all housed in a purpose-built complex. 140 rooms are available to over-18s, 104 of which are en-suite. There are also 30 en-suite bedrooms available to students under 18. Kitchen facilities are more than adequate for the average student cook, plus, the shared communal areas are fantastic places to strike up long-lasting friendships over a Pot Noodle.



A less familiar option to most learners is homestay: living with a local host family in Loughborough throughout the duration of your studies. With a ‘home from home’ appeal, this is often the ideal option for international students looking for a bit of stability and language practise, whilst immersing themselves in British culture. For extra reassurance, a College representative will pay regular visits to the homestead to ensure it is up to standard.


Elite Athlete Performance Centre

Set within a charming listed building in the centre of The Gables site, the 17 rooms that make up the EAPC are specially-designed for the College's under-18, elite student athletes. All rooms are en-suite, though the kitchen and living areas are shared. The best bit has to be the free laundry facilities on-site.


Other accommodation

For the more adventurous, a room in a shared flat in the local area is likely to set you back anywhere between £50 and £105 per week. Boggled by where to start? The Students’ Union’s Housing Bazaar event in December invited local private landlords to come and advertise their properties for the following academic year. These are all Loughborough University-approved landlords and properties, which have been inspected by representatives.

Open Days

Loughborough College open days

An open day is really the only way to fully experience the attraction of Loughborough College. Its evident university-influence and newly-redeveloped campus could have you falling for it … if the course itself hasn't completely convinced you already. But a trip to that award-winning Students’ Union is a must if you want to really see what student life will entail.

Held inside the new Hub and Arts Academy, you'll be able to meet tutors face to face, as well as put any concerns you may have to the student finance and support teams whilst you're there. Of course, as Loughborough College favours the hands-on approach to learning, you'll have a chance to join students in some activities, before setting off on a tour of the halls of residence and sports facilities.

Visit the website to view and book open day places.


Transport links

Loughborough’s train station is two miles away from campus and lies on the Sheffield to London St Pancras line, which means you can be in the capital in 90 minutes. The campus is just one mile from the M1 and students have the added benefit of cheap shuttle buses, which run between both campuses, the train station, and the town centre. Many students opt for bikes over cars in Loughborough, which also brings living costs down. East Midlands Airport is a 25-minute drive away, which will appeal to international students and those off on their first parent-free holiday.


The next open days for both postgraduates and undergraduates take place on:

Wednesday 5th April 2017

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"Loughborough is the best place in the world for sports science, Im doing a course that the uni validate its an applied sport science foundation degree that u can then top up there to make it a full bsc. its delivered by Loughborough college just across the road, so all work is set by the uni just not delivered by them."

"Courses are great for improving yourself as a person because they are challenging and rewarding."

"Students at Loughborough College are affiliated to Loughborough Student's Union, so you'll get a lot of opportunities to do extra-curricular activities and get a feel for university life as well."