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NMiTE premises are conveniently located just a few minutes away from Hereford’s city centre and new shopping development. The city is host to many independent shops and popular eateries, all whilst being nearby to many green and spacious public spaces and local pubs and clubs.

Library and Study Facilities

NMiTE is currently negotiating a unique partnership with the local library for physical books and resources, as well as an e-first policy – which will consist of a free, easy and intuitive system for NMiTE’s future learners to search, read and download many titles! You’ll be able to read downloaded material via the NMiTE network without having to remain online (which means you can study anywhere, without having to worry about your mobile data!)

NMiTE’s unique approach to teaching will be reflected in our teaching spaces and equipment.  Our well-equipped studio spaces will contain all you need for prototype development and small-scale testing.  Our future learners will be able to get involved in activities from day one and continuously throughout their studies, rather than learning in abstract lectures. These will be supported by well equipped “factories” for building and then testing larger and more sophisticated items.  Key facilities include electronics, manufacturing and mechanical engineering areas.

Careers Service

“You won’t come here to study engineering, you’ll come here to be an engineer.’ – Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, President and CEO

We are focused on addressing the UK shortage of work-ready engineers. That is why the experimental nature of our planned programme and close links with employers will support learners and help guide them into their future careers.

Our proposed programme aims to provide our future learners with the education and experience to help launch you towards success; including the opportunity to build a portfolio of work over 3 years from working alongside our many employer partners in a ‘learning by doing’ environment.

Student Union

We’re doing everything else differently, so why not our student union too? We will be making the city of Hereford our student union. We are passionate about integrating ourselves into the local community and what better way than to utilise all the wonderful things Hereford has to offer. You will be able to expect exclusive discounts from the many local shops, bars, restaurants and cafes as well as frequent events and themed evenings.

More details coming soon!


Getting around the city centre is easy, with pretty much all of it being within walking distance from both NMiTE’s accommodation and campus. Hereford have recently introduced Beryl Bikes to their ways of getting around the city, with plenty of bike bays and even more being added each month. The city centre buses are easy to get to and regular too!

If Hereford has one thing, it’s plenty of green spaces. From the Cathedral green, to the wide-open space of King George Playing field’s, all are just minutes from the centre and ideal spaces for socialising and studying. You’ll be spoilt for choice with Hereford’s range of independent cafes and bars and there is an abundance of local activities and clubs to join (which you’ll receive plenty of information on!).

There will be provision for all you need to make the most of your studies. There will be a place for learners to go during the day to dine and socialise, and all the facilities you could possibly need to bring the ‘learning by doing’ experience to life.

Whilst you’re here, NMiTE will be your home. We’ll make sure you have all the support and things you need to settle in and make the absolute best of the future NMiTE learner experience.

Medical and Welfare Services

NMiTE is already linked with a local GP practice for access to Primary Care services – we also have a range of specialist providers for specific advice and guidance on certain issues. The NMiTE team have been First Aid Trained as well as trained in First Aid for Mental Health, we really are committed to providing the best possible care to all our learners.

NMiTE’s future learners will have access to the health and wellbeing platform ‘Rightsteps’ which has been designed to offer an additional layer of advice, guidance and support on a range to topics, all accessed confidentially.


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NMiTE are working to re-design challenge-based learning, with a view to offering a 3 Year Master’s in Integrated Engineering (MEng). Our proposed MEng is intended to be a novel, forward-looking degree that will seek to break the mould in engineering education using its innovative learning by doing approach. This means there will be no traditional lectures and exams, and a lot of hands on learning. Future learners will be able to expect to explore the social, political and ethical contexts behind the engineering, whilst working closely alongside our partner businesses on real life engineering challenges. Don’t have maths or physics at A level? Don’t worry, this will be a key area of support that future learners will be able to expect from NMiTE.





Miller Court

Miller Court is a two-storey residential accommodation building located on Ledbury Road and is a convenient 10-minute walk from the city centre and less than 20 minutes from NMiTE. Each bedroom has its own en suite bathroom and there are two communal kitchens, one situated on each floor. The accommodation is also home to two large furnished communal spaces, complete with televisions and patio door access out to the garden. There is also a laundry room with free to use washing and drying facilities. WiFi is available in all rooms across the building. A supermarket is located just down the road along with plenty of green public spaces surrounding the accommodation, which is also home to its own good-sized garden.


Gardner Hall

Residential accommodation at Gardner Hall comprises of two floors of spacious en suite bedrooms complete with furniture, with a communal kitchen and dining area on each floor, and a laundry room complete with washing and drying facilities. WiFi is available in all rooms and the accommodation is surrounded by open green spaces. Across from the accommodation is a reputable gym, and several convenience stores are located just a short distance away. The city centre and campus can be reached in just 20 minutes by foot.


More to follow

Further accommodation is currently in development.

Open Days

Dates for future Open Days will be confirmed in due course.

Living here

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Hereford – A home from home

NMiTE is located in Hereford, a beautiful and busy cathedral city on the Welsh Marches to the west of England. There’s loads to do, and with pretty much everything in walking distance, Hereford can cater for all lifestyle needs.

Future learners will be able to benefit from discounts at local shops, local food outlets, and activity centres all while engaging with the local community.  You’ll be glad to hear that Hereford is a safe area with a generally low crime rate and has a great variety of pubs and clubs offering people a variety of night life opportunities. It has been awarded the purple flag recognising the city’s dedication in promoting the safety and wellbeing of people in the night-time economy.

"From the deep valleys of South Wales to the bustle of the city, I have created a home from home here in Hereford.

I have always been one to adventure away from my comfort zone and I was excited at the prospect of living in shared accommodation with other young adults. I formed friendships pretty quickly with other members of the Design Cohort as we live, work and socialise together! It can be intense at times, but it means that we have close bonds and I find it easy to get along with everyone. The relationships I’ve made in the DC, NMiTE and the community have definitely helped with adapting to life without family contacts nearby.

A catalyst for our closeness is the layout of our accommodation; it is fully furnished and spacious which provides great spaces for communal areas. We often cook together and share meals because we start and finish work around the same time which is different to traditional university students who generally have differing lectures times and days. Hopefully, this communal spirit will carry on for NMiTE students as they will be following the same working schedule as we are.

Local Herefordians say that there is not much to do in Hereford. I can understand this point, yet, I’ve discovered that if you look in the right places, you’ll find plenty to do. After I’d frequented the tourist hotspots like the Cathedral’s Mappa Mundi, the Cider Museum, the Black and White House and of course not forgetting a photo with the Hereford Bull statue – I started looking for evening activities to join.

Within 2 weeks I had joined a street jazz dance class, I found a Girlguiding Unit so that I could continue leading Guides as I had done in Wales, I had volunteered and ran at the Hereford Racecourse parkrun and befriended the local pub pool players. Since then we’ve discovered more on our doorstep; a roller-skating centre called The Core and musical gigs and concerts at the Courtyard.

Although it was a sudden and big move for me, the welcoming atmosphere of Hereford provides comfort to newcomers. I always wondered if I would get to know a place as well as I know my own home town and I’m beginning to think it’s possible." - Geena Ware, NMiTE Design Cohort Participant


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