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Open Days and Virtual Events

At our Open Days, whether on-campus or virtual, you will get the opportunity to meet academic staff and current students and discover for yourself the course modules, range of support services, teaching facilities and accommodation options that make the Swansea student experience so highly regarded.

Our event content will be useful for offer holders, prospective applicants or for researching your options.

Open Days are a great way to get a feel for the University and to find out if you would like to live and study here. For more information please see the following:

Undergraduate Open Days

Postgraduate Open Days

Courses and fees

Courses and fees

Our stunning waterfront campuses and friendly welcome make Swansea University the perfect destination for students from all over the world, enabling those who join us to develop skills and knowledge that will set them on successful and enriching careers. See our full list of Undergraduate Courses here.

There are different funding support packages available to learners who want to study full-time or part-time. Find out what financial help you are entitled to before you enroll and apply within the given deadlines to ensure your financial support is in place by the time you arrive.

What you are entitled to will depend upon your individual circumstances, where you live, what you are studying, and at what level. See more information on fees and funding here.

See more information on our term dates here.



Moving into your student home is one of the most exciting things about starting University, and we are here to help make sure the journey is as smooth as possible, whatever your circumstances or stage of study. Our residences offer a safe and welcoming place to return to after a day of study, giving you plenty of opportunities to make yourself at home. See more about our accommodation here.

Living Here

Living Here

Life on Campus

Swansea University spans two stunning campuses at each end of Swansea's waterfront. Singleton Park Campus is set in mature parkland and botanical gardens, overlooking Swansea Bay beach. Bay Campus is located on the beach on the eastern approach into Swansea.

Our multicultural dual-campus provides lots of opportunities for students, staff and the community and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere is often characterised as the "Swansea experience".

See more about life on campus here.

Why Swansea? From the Maritime Quarter and Uplands to nearby Mumbles, discover a city with plenty of charm and bags of character.

Town, beach, campus... it's quick and easy to get where you need to be especially with the Unibus that runs 24 hours during term time and our popular Santander Cycle Hire Scheme.

See more about studying in Swansea here.

Travel Information

Singleton Park Campus: Swansea University Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP Wales, UK Bay Campus

Swansea University Bay Campus: Fabian Way Crymlyn Burrows Swansea SA1 8EN Wales, UK

Other Contact Details

Contact us: Phone: Tel: +44 (0)1792 205678

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.swansea.ac.uk