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Lake University of Bath
  • Library and study facilities
    Situated in the centre of campus, the Library provides a variety of study spaces for group, individual and quiet work. With 1500 study spaces, over 500 PCs, power points, copy, print, scanning facilities and wireless networking throughout, you’ll be able to find a place to study that suits you best. There are also four Learning Commons across the University, which are open-plan study areas for students.
  • Student Services
    We provide students with support and guidance, including therapeutic services and mental health, disability support, money management and international student advice.
  • Students' Union
    The Students’ Union is at the heart of student life at the University of Bath. The SU is a registered charity run by students, for students. There are over 160 student groups you can join covering a wide range of areas including sport, societies and enterprise. The SU organises many activities to help you make the most of your time at Bath, including Freshers’ Week and the Summer Ball.
  • Sports
    We have extensive sports facilities on campus, including our Sports Training Village with its Olympic legacy swimming pool and a gym and fitness centre. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved from social to high-performance level.
  • Arts
    Our arts centre, The Edge, is a cutting-edge hub for performance and cultural events. Here you’ll find opportunities to participate in arts, collaboration, and creative practice using top-class facilities. You can sign up to a variety of creative clubs and societies through the Students' Union.
  • Careers service
    The Careers Service team is available to offer careers information, advice and guidance to students, researchers and graduates. We also work closely with employers, helping them to connect with our students and recent graduates.

Courses & fees



Choosing your accommodation is an exciting part of the student journey, helping you to quickly become part of our thriving student community. We guarantee accommodation to all our full time first-year undergraduate students provided that you make us your firm choice via UCAS and you apply for accommodation before our accommodation deadline. We offer a range of rooms and set-ups to suit different budgets, living styles and needs. Once you’ve accepted Bath as your firm choice, you can apply for accommodation from early May in your year of entry.

Three quarters of our first year accommodation is campus-based and the rest is based in the City Centre. Most of the accommodation is in self-catering houses or flats with student bedrooms grouped around communal kitchens or social spaces. You can find out more about our accommodation, and use 360 degree tours to explore the rooms at:

We also offer accommodation for postgraduate students, both on campus and in the city.

Open Days

Undergraduate Open Days and Campus Tours

The University of Bath organised regular open days, visits and campus tours. 

Our next open day will take place on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June. You can register now. There will also be an open day on Saturday 10 September.

Additionally, you can attend our Undergraduate Virtual Open Week from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 September.


Postgraduate Virtual Open Days and Events

We hold Virtual Open Days and events several times a year to help prospective students experience the University of Bath. Our next Postgraduate Virtual Open Day will take place in November 2022


Upcoming open days
    • Saturday 10th September 2022
    • This Undergraduate Open Day is for the Science, Engineering & Design. Humanities & social Science, and Management
    • Undergraduate
    • find out more
    • Monday 19th September 2022
    • The undergraduate Virtual Open Week is for students interested in Science, Architecture, Engineering and Design, Management or Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Undergraduate
    • find out more
    • Tuesday 20th September 2022
    • The undergraduate Virtual Open Week is for students interested in Science, Architecture, Engineering and Design, Management or Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Undergraduate
    • find out more

Living here

Campus University of Bath

On Campus:

The University’s purpose built campus is set in attractive rural grounds overlooking the historic city of Bath. Our campus is one of the safest campus sites in the UK and the first university in the country to win a national police-approved security award.

You don't have to walk far to reach facilities like the Library, shops, banks and a post office.

You can easily travel between the campus and the city either by foot, bike, bus or car.

City Life:

Bath is a lively, friendly, and historic city, surrounded by beautiful countryside. The city is home to global businesses and start-up companies, so you can find local employment opportunities while you study and when you graduate. Bath is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list twice; for its historic architecture and as one of the Great Spas of Europe.

Small enough to explore on foot, you can discover its beautiful stone buildings and the natural hot springs which gave the city its name. Indulge yourself in year-round arts festivals, museums, galleries and the spa and get involved with the local community with our great volunteering opportunities.

Semester dates

Full details of semester dates for 2022/23:

Travel information


University of Bath
Claverton Down
United Kingdom


University campus

Elena, a Management and Marketing student at the University of Bath, has answered your top questions:

What support is available to students who are struggling for any reason? 
There is so much support available. The Wellbeing service in the 4W building provides drop-in sessions and if you can’t make those sessions, you can either have a session through emails or on the phone. The team always checks up on you even after one meeting, to be there for you and to see what else they can do for you. The Virgil Building provides more in-depth counselling sessions, depending on the reason, whilst also offering a mental health assessment. The SU advice team is also there for you, right in the centre of the campus, in the SU building. They’re all so lovely and always up for a chat. 

What social events do you offer when people first join to help people make friends and settle in?
The taster sessions from Freshers’ Week are amazing! You meet so many new people and you can maintain that friendship if you continue doing that activity together. The language classes are also great for bonding with people long-term! The society Bath Entrepreneurs always organised interesting events with amazing speakers and it’s a great way to meet people who have the same interests as you! Getting involved in volunteering opportunities is also a great way to speak to a variety of people! 

What will my first few weeks at your uni be like?
The first few weeks are super overwhelming because you create so many memories all at once! Keep yourself together, don’t get freshers’ flu and try as many new things as you can! 

Is it a campus or city based university? What advantages do you think this offers? 
Bath is a campus university and the main advantage is definitely the community feeling that it provides. You immediately feel at home! By the time you finish your first year, you become so attached to the campus and to having security every second of every single day, that you simply don’t want to leave! 

How far is the campus from the town centre and what is the public transport like?
I love walking to the town centre especially when the weather is really nice. It takes 30 mins to get there. If you want to get there in 10-15 mins, there are always buses running! Sometimes the queues can get a bit insane, but the transport is great, fast and as reliable as it can be. 

How far apart are different university buildings, and how far away is the accommodation?
Being in campus is such a blessing! We do take it for granted when we live there. Everything is so close to everything! You jump out of bed and the lecture is 5 mins away, 10 if the building is in the opposite part of the campus. It depends which accommodation you live in, but there are so many shortcuts you can take, you just have to learn the tricks.