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Get to know us, even from a distance

Students using 3D printer

Our online events are a chance for you to get tips and advice on specific topics and ask any questions you have about studying at Brighton, in real time.

We hold events throughout the year which give you the opportunity to chat to our staff and students. We're here to help and there will be loads to see and do – you'll be able to find out what the University of Brighton really has to offer.

To find out when our next open day is, check out the open day calendar.


Plot your course

Nursing students observing

At Brighton your course will be active and hands-on, challenge-based and anchored in the real world. We have 200+ undergraduate courses in a huge range of subjects, all of which include placements or work-related learning.

Maybe you already know what you want to do, but it’s also okay to not know exactly where you’re headed right now. We can help you create your own path and in get comfortable with your influence and purpose in the world. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll graduate with the transferable skills to embrace new opportunities, or change direction if you want to.

My course has helped me think about things in more depth and come to understand different perspectives of the world.

Skye, illustration

We see you as an individual

University of Brighotn art gallery

We treat everyone who applies as an individual; we care about all of your achievements and the experiences you’ve had that set you apart.

If you choose to apply to Brighton, we want to hear about who you are. Grades are never the whole picture; we’re also interested in things like creativity, resourcefulness, persistence, and the potential to think big and find new ways of doing things.



Tutors encourage you to pursue what you enjoy, be it a certain process, design style, set of materials, or anything else you find interesting.

Eve, graphic design

Here for you

Student using one of the flight simulators

We don’t just want you to succeed, we want you to feel good too; in yourself as well as your studies. So as well as providing expert academic support, we’ll help you to prioritise your emotional and mental wellbeing to keep you feeling good.

We’ll also support you in the transition from school or college to university study before you start your degree. Our online Belong at Brighton programme includes guidance on how to prepare for your course, with reading and prearrival tasks to build your knowledge and confidence.


At university you’re in charge, you take control of your own learning. But you’re not on your own because the tutors are always there for you when needed.

Lim Shi Pin, podiatry

A place like no other

Brighton city in the summer

We have three campuses in Brighton and one in Eastbourne. Wherever you’re based, you’ll be by the beach, some beautiful countryside and within easy reach of London.

Brighton is a city that looks at the world differently. Independent and inclusive, it attracts all kinds of people, often united by a commitment to positive change. It’s also a true student city.

Eastbourne, Brighton’s low-key neighbour, is officially the sunniest place in the UK, which might be why it’s so friendly and relaxed. It’s a great fit for our sport science, physio and health students who are based there.

The people are what’s great about Brighton. Everyone is kind and accepting. You can be who you want to be and express yourself however you want, and nobody will care because they’re doing the same.

Ugonna, biomedical science

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