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UCLan offers over 300 undergraduate courses, including Foundation Entry degrees where you can do an extra year's study at uni instead of college, if you perhaps didn't make the grade or chose the wrong A Level subjects.  Take a look at the wide range of courses on offer - you're sure to find your dream degree.

Student Life

At UCLan, you get the best of both worlds - academic study and support, as well as a great social life.  Everything is just a short walk from the campus - from shops, bars and restaurants, to the local bus and train stations - and Preston is even the cheapest place to live in the UK!

The University has a great range of subjects with opportunities to integrate work experience and time spent studying abroad if you fancy. We have over 24,160 students and 150 clubs and societies, from Quidditch to Tolstoy, so if you're studying at UCLan, there’s definitely something here for you. Whether you’re on campus or travelling from Burnley, you’re bound to have fun and make a few friends along the way.

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