Five reasons to study abroad

If you're studying in a country where English isn't the first language you'll have a chance to completely immerse yourself in a new tongue. Every day you'll be hearing, reading and speaking the language, so over time you'll see your ability improve - you may even become fluent. 

Not only will employers love this but, by having the chance to learn outside the classroom, you will be learning words and phrases you ordinarily might not know and that could be really useful. 



2) Learn about new cultures

Being in another country may mean it's easier to travel to more places, especially on breaks in term times. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit many places you've never been to before, learning about their different cultures and customs. You can experience an entirely new way of life, immersing yourself in their society, beliefs and lifestyle choices. 

You can also take advantage of this opportunity by trying the local foods, listening to new music and getting involved in social events - cumulatively gifting you with an experience you just couldn't get whilst studying in the UK.


3) Make friends all over the world

Studying abroad gives you the chance to meet people and make valuable new friends. Whether you're bonding with other international students who understand how you're feeling and can relate to you, or you're getting to know the locals, you're sure to meet a wealth of people from many diverse backgrounds. 

This considered, you could end up with friends from all over the world! Friends you can learn from and form strong bonds with - a brilliant resource if you ever want to go travelling. 
You can gain tonnes of friends and memories when studying abroad.



4) Experience new academic routines and ways of learning

If you've studied in the UK all your life, moving somewhere new could give you the chance to experience an entirely different way of teaching. This will give you insight into your preferred methods of learning, therefore discovering more about yourself whilst gaining an excellent degree. 

Plus, depending on where you go, studying abroad may give you the opportunity to study more or different subjects, a choice you wouldn't get in the UK. This would ultimately allow you to get the most out of your degree.


5) Employers love it

Many employers view students who've studied abroad as being self-motivated, independent, willing to embrace challenges, easily adaptable and likely to have good language skills. 

Studying abroad can help you gain confidence, cultural sensitivity and problem solving aptitude - all traits that are sought after by employers. 

Plus, if you've studied abroad it's often easier to find a job in that country or another, or possibly in the international departments of a UK company. 

However, just having studied abroad isn't enough. Employers will want to know why you chose to study abroad and why you decided upon the country you did, as well as what you gained from the experience and your personal development. 

Studying abroad allows you to emerse yourself in another culture.
According the the CIHE Report: Global Horizons and the Role of Employers, 1/3 of employers viewed a graduate with any overseas experience as more employable - so whether you study for a term abroad or for your entire degree, it's likely to improve your chances of finding a job. 

In 2012, the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) found that:
  • ~90% of students who had studied abroad secured a job within the first 6 months after graduation
  • 84% of students said that studying abroad helped them develop valuable job skills such as foreign language knowledge, cultural training, adaptability, communication
  • 79% of students believed that studying abroad was 'effective' or 'very effective' in developing the confidence to deal with the new skills required for their first job after graduation

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