How to apply to university in China

The application process for applying to university in China is similar to the UK in that it is all done through a central application system call CUAC (China University Application Centre).

When applying through CUAC you either have to apply online through their website, or download and email a form. Their website is also available in English to make the whole process really easy. Applying through CUAC costs you around £30 for 6 applications, however, some universities will charge up to £90 per application.

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The general application process is as follows:
1. Choose the universities you want to study at and the course you want to study

  • It’s a good idea to apply for several universities simultaneously to ensure backups are available

2. Complete the application form online or via email

  • Your application information and qualifications with have to be verified
  • The site will then recommend suitable universities for you
  • After submitting form, it will be passed onto universities for an initial check

3. Confirm Universities you want to apply to and prepare application materials 

4. Pay Application Service Fee and Submit the Application Materials

  • Details will be submitted to the university within 3 days of submission

5. Get verification notice from unis

  • Takes 3 -4 weeks
  • Notices from several universities will be made available one by one, when they respond

6. Once you’ve received offers, confirm one university you want to go to

  • Once you get the admission letter you can start applying for a Visa