How to apply to university in Spain

Competition for places at Spanish universities is very competitive as there are far fewer available spaces than students applying however, the good news is that, as an EU student, you'll be considered for places on equal terms with Spanish nationals. 

The entire application process normally takes around 3 months, and a part of this is providing details of your educational background; A Levels are normally accepted by Spanish universities, however you must have them approved by the Department of Education and Culture in Spain in a process known as convalidation or homologation.

To apply to university in Spain you must first submit an application through the Spanish National University for Distance Education (UNED – Universidad Nacional de Educaión a Distancia). You'll need to fill in a Solicitud de inscripción application form on the UNED website, print it, and post it to the UNED office with other requested documents such as a passport, school leaving certificate or results from exams.

If your application is successful, you'll qualify to study at a university in Spain and will receive a certificate called a Credencial de acceso. 

You need to send this certificate along with individual applications directly to each university you want to apply to.


  • First week of June: For studies beginning in October
  • First week of September: Late applications for studies beginning in October
  • First week of December: For studies beginning in February