How to apply to university in Sweden

All applications to Swedish universities are done through a central applications system simply called University Admissions. The first set of admissions are in January, although there is a second intake in April, but it's best to apply as early as possible so you can sort out all the important things like accommodation and permits after you've got your offer. 

The application fee is around 900 SEK (£72) and for this you can apply for up to 8 courses which you rank in order of preference. 

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Each university and course will have different requirements although generally they may ask for:

  • Grades / results from A Levels / previous courses
  • Samples of assessment work
  • Interview results
  • Special admissions tests
  • Evidence of work experience

Some courses may request specific things. For example, even though you're a native English speaker, you may have to prove your proficiency in English for English-taught courses through your GCSE English grades. And for courses taught in Swedish you will need to prove your proficiency through a test, such as the TISUS (Test in Swedish For University Studies). 

Once you've submitted your application and all appropriate evidence, your application will be checked in several steps and, eventually, you will receive an email which will allow you to see the results of your selection on the University Admissions website. 

If you are offered a place, you'll have to reply online to accept the offer you want to by a certain deadline, after this, you will be sent instructions regarding applying for a student residence permit, paying tuition fees and university enrollment. 

Occasionally, you'll only receive a reserve offer which is when you've been offered a place but only if one becomes available on the course.