How to apply to university in the Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland, like the UK, has a central admissions system which all university admissions have to go through; the Central Applications Office (CAO). 

Applications through the CAO can be done either online or on paper and usually cost around €40. You need to provide your personal details, details of your education results including GCSE, AS Level and A Level results, as well as certified copies of these. 

Application fees can be paid online via credit or debit card and the cost differs depending on the date and way you submit it:

  • €25 - Online application before 20th January
  • €40 - Online or paper application before 1st February
  • €50 - Late online applications
  • €80 - Late paper applications

You can apply for up to 10 courses and have to select an order of preference of where and what you'd like to study. It's important to put these in order or genuine preference, rather than what you think you're likely to achieve because if you don't get your first choice you might get your second and if you don't get your second you might get your third and so on.