Private and public universities in prague

Beside from picking a field of interest to study in Prague, you also have to choose whether to study at private or public university. Here is the list of both; private and public universities that include short descriptions.

Private universities • New York University in Prague – it has the most courses of any of NYU's worldwide scholastic places. It also offers a wide educational program in art, humanities, business, construction modeling, photography, social science, music, film, media and politics. Classes are taught by various personnel members, including noted scholars, international ministers, and heading participators of the Velvet Revolution (a peaceful political movement that took place in 1989 and finished the Communist rule in Prague.

• Anglo - American University - the oldest private college in the Czech Republic. It was established in 1990. Its vision is to make an instructive institution that might consolidate the best of British and American scholastic standards with Central European customs.

• Banking Institute - it was established in 1990, when the business environment began to develop, and it was important to educate experts in managing and monetary areas. It offers an extensive variety of subjects in the range of finances as well as mass trading, administration, IT, law and organization.

• Institute of Hospitality Management – it presently offers 5 undergraduate and 4 master programs licensed by the Czech Ministry of Education.

Other private universities in Prague are:

- College of Business in Prague - College of Tourism, Hotel and Spa Hospitality - Institute of Finance and Administration - International Baptist Theological Seminary - Metropolitan University Prague - Prague College - Unicorn College - University College of International and Public Relations – Prague - University J. A. Komensky – Prague - University of New York in Prague - University of Northern Virginia - Prague

Public universities

• Charles University – it was established in 1348, which means it is one of the first colleges on the planet. But it is likewise eminent as a cosmopolitan, dynamic, modern, and prestigious foundation of higher schooling. It is the biggest and most eminent Czech college, and is additionally the best appraised Czech college according to global ranking. Right now there are 17 faculties (1 in Plzeň, 2 in Hradec Králové and 14 in Prague), in addition to 3 institutes, 6 different centers of educating, examination, development and other innovative activities.

• Czech Technical University in Prague - gives brilliant college education through a broad portfolio of principally engineering fields of study, applied research, conduct basic and various experimental activities with great accentuation on mechanical utilization and applications. They successfully cooperate with both; local and international institutions.

• Institute of Chemical Technology - (ICT) is the Central European’s greatest schooling institution of this kind. With the tradition of just about 200 years joined with dynamic fields of study and a great worldwide repute, ICT permits each scholar to connect with the progressed technological achievements and make utilization of international student exchange.

Other public universities in Prague are:

- Academy of Performing Arts - Academy of Fine Arts - Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design - Czech University of Life Sciences - Prague - University of Economics