Student accommodation in Canada

There are several options available for accommodation in Canada, which one you choose depends on your needs and the kind of lifestyle you want to live. 


Dormitory accommodation is usually organised by the university and located on, or near to, the campus. There's the option to either have a shared or private room but if you do choose to have a roommate, this is a great way to make a new friend as soon as you get there. 

Most dormitories have shared kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities although some may have a cafeteria or meal plan included in the rent, instead of being self-catering. 

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One option is to stay with a local family somewhere close to the university. This gives you a chance to learn about daily life in Canada and get used to the culture. 

You'll usually have one furnished room to yourself and other parts of the house which you share with the family. Meals may also be included in the rent but, like in a normal family, you may be expected to get involved in household chores. 

Off-Campus Housing

The price, quality and availability of off-campus accommodation can vary greater than any other type of accommodation as there's no guarantee what will be available. 

There is the option to share with friends to keep costs down, or you can choose to live completely by yourself, although in major cities, off-campus housing can be expensive. 

Off-campus housing is completely the responsibility of the students, not the university, so it's up to you to make sure you find somewhere you're happy with and read through all contracts beforehand. You can search for off-campus accommodation in local newspapers and online.
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