Student accommodation in China

While most universities in China offer on-campus, dormitory accommodation for first year students, there is the option to live off campus as long as you have the universities permission and you register at the local public security office within 24 hours of arrival.

On-campus accommodation

On campus accommodation can come in different forms depending on the university; some will offer you a single room to yourself, others give you one or two roommates. Some types of on-campus accommodation provide en-suit bathrooms, while others have shared bathroom and shower areas, as well as shared kitchens, dining rooms and common areas.

On-campus accommodation is a great way to meet other students, particularly other international students who are in the same situation as you. 

Often on-campus accommodation is safe and relatively cheap, so it's a great choice if this is your first time in China.

Off-campus accommodation

While off-campus accommodation can be a little more expensive than on-campus accommodation, it's still cheap compared to other countries, particularly in smaller towns and cities. 

It's really easy to find accommodation listings in local newspapers and online, with some places even having listings in English for international students. 

There'll be a greater variety of the quality of accommodation available so you're best looking around for the sort of place to suit your needs.
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