Student accommodation in France

There are several options for accommodation in France and where you choose to live will depend on location, price and your lifestyle. 

University residence

University residences and rooms are often called Cités-U and are managed by the CROUS (which are regional branches of CNOUS - the national student service agency)and are in very high demand so you'll need to apply early because there aren't enough places for everyone. They're usually located close to the university campus which makes them very convenient and are a great way to meet people. 

Usually you'll receive a small, individual, furnished room in a building with shared kitchens, bathrooms and study areas. Alternatively, you may be placed in a studio flat or 2 bedroom apartment, although these are more expensive. 

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Private student accommodation blocks

These are similar to university residences but are managed by private agencies, rather than the CROUS. The main difference, however, is that they only offer studio flats with kitchens, toilets and a bathroom. 

Generally, these are more expensive than residences. 

Private Studios and Flats

You have the option to look for your own private accommodation away from the university, possibly in a city centre; here, there will be loads of studio or small flats you can rent by yourself, that are suitable for students. 

For this sort of accommodation, you'll want to look in local newspapers, the internet and contact estate agents.


Another option is to rent a larger flat or house and share the rent between a group of people. This is a really great way to spend time with people and make some really good friends. 

Plus, because you're sharing the rent and all the bills, it could work out a little cheaper. 

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