Student accommodation in Italy

Universities in Italy don't normally have halls of residence, however, they do offer a service which can help students find shared rooms and apartments they can rent which are cheaper than on the private market. 

You'll need to find somewhere to stay within the first week or arriving in Italy, otherwise you'll have to spend longer staying in hotels, hostels or with friends, which could be expensive or inconvenient. 

Most agencies, whether they're university ones or private ones will charge a fee of around €100 - €190 (£75 - £143) per person to help you find somewhere to live, while this can seem expensive, renting from an agency is usually safer and more convenient as you can pay your rent straight to them every month. 

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When you're choosing an apartment you'll want to look for what exactly is included; some apartments are furnished, others aren't. You might also want to check for the inclusion of appliances like phones, washing machines and cookers. 

Furthermore, you want to check what is actually included in your rent; does it included any bills or do you have to pay them separately? If they are included, is it all of them or just a few?

Be prepared to pay for one to three months rent up front; this will probably be somewhere between €300 and €900 (£226 - £679).