Student accommodation in the Republic of Ireland

Most universities in Ireland have an accommodation office which will help you sort out somewhere to live but it's best to get this sorted well before you arrive. There are several types of accommodation available:

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On-campus accommodation

University accommodation on campus, such as halls of residence will allow you to be mostly independent and, conveniently, will probably be surrounded by shops and restaurants. 

This is a great place to meet new people and make friends and get settled into university life. 

Private rented accommodation

Some students choose to rent a house or flat away from campus, usually with a group of friends. This is, obviously, self-catered and allows you to completely independent. 

Host Family

Living with a host family will give you some independence but you'll still be in a family home with some rules and you may be asked to take part in family activities or household chores. 

You'll get your own room and have morning and evening meals provided. The great thing is that if you're worried about settling in to Ireland or living alone then the family can help you.