Student accommodation in the USA

As an international student, finding somewhere to live in the USA may, at first, seem daunting and scary but most universities make it easier by offering on-campus accommodation to international students, probably in the form of dormitories. Living in a dormitory means you’ll have to share a room with one or two other people and share a bathroom with several people but it’ll probably on or really close to the campus so it’ll be really convenient for both academic and social activities.

If you’re living on campus then utilities such as electricity, gas and telephone connections will probably be ready to use and included in your rent, which makes things a little simpler, however, it’s a good idea to check what your accommodation’s policy is on long-distance phone calls if you want to call home.

Another benefit of living on campus is that there’ll most likely be a cafeteria and food outlets nearby. Here you can either pay in advance for meal plans or just buy food whenever you need it.

For those universities which don’t offer on-campus accommodation, there will probably be an off-campus housing office that can help you find somewhere to live. They’ll aim to match you up with compatible roommates as well as provide information about the neighbourhood, nearby restaurants, shopping areas, public transport and other important information.

The thing to remember about off-campus accommodation is that utilities won’t be included in the rent so you will need to budget for these separately.