Canada student visa requirements

As a student from the UK, you will not need a Visa to study in Canada, however, you are required to get a Study Permit which you'll need to apply for as soon as you receive an offer from the university you want to go to, or 3 months before classes start. 

In your application you may be requested to provide the results of a medical exam, police certificates or even go for an interview. 

If your application is successful then you will receive a letter of approval via email or post, this is not your study permit but you will be required to show it on entry into the country in order to obtain your visa. 

The Study Permit for Canada costs around C$150 (£79). 

If you're planning to study in Quebec, you'll also need a QCEQ (Quebec certificate of acceptance), which you do have to pay for. It normally takes around 4 weeks to process this application.